Airtel Digital TV Comes With Many Attractive Propositions Making the DTH Connection Worthy

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The DTH industry has become a very competitive one in the past few months. This was beyond the expectations of the public, and everything has happened very fast in the industry. However, the competing DTH operators in the space are not sitting down quietly. The DTH companies are giving all the fight they’ve got in them to make sure that they attract the most number of subscribers and gain as much market share as possible. On the hardware front as well, there have been a lot of developments, for example, the introduction of Hybrid Set-Top Boxes. Another way the subscribers are being lured by the companies are the channel packs. In the industry, Airtel Digital TV also remains quite a popular name, and it also boasts of a substantial customer base. The DTH operator is shipping some of the most popular plans and offerings in the market, and here we discuss, why getting an Airtel Digital TV connection can be worth your investment.


Airtel Digital TV: Cheap Set-Top Boxes

When it comes to getting a new connection for the subscribers, one of the most decisive factors for the customers is the cost of Set-Top Box. The subscribers do not want to spend more on the Set-Top Boxes and want to get the most features in the most affordable package. If that sounds a little like you, then you might want to consider getting an Airtel Digital TV subscription, because Airtel Digital TV is offering some of the most affordable Set-Top Boxes out in the market. To recall, these STBs had also received a price cut a while back, thus making them even more affordable. The SD Set-Top Box from Airtel Digital TV costs Rs 1,100, whereas the HD connection from the operator costs Rs 1,300 only.

Availability of Long-Term Channel Packs

Airtel Digital TV does not only fare well in terms of Set-Top Box costs, but it also gives ample of choices to the subscribers to make some savings on their monthly rentals through other ways as well. On that front, the Airtel Digital TV subscribers still get to choose from channel packs which come with semi-annual subscription options. Now it is worth noting that these channel packs are rare as Airtel Digital TV happens to be the only operator in the industry right now, which are shipping them. The subscribers will be able to save money by getting these packs for six months straight and paying upfront for them.

Converged Digital Platform Offerings

Airtel Digital TV also happens to be a DTH operator which has got tons of offerings up its sleeve if you are someone who likes to enjoy OTT content along with their DTH connection. Firstly, there is the presence of the Airtel Xstream Box, which is a Hybrid Set-Top Box for the subscribers. Then, there is also the Airtel Xstream Stick for the subscribers, which costs the same as Xstream Box at Rs 3,999 and allows the subscribers to watch OTT content with their DTH connection.

Easy Upgrades and Combined Discount

Airtel Digital TV subscribers can also easily upgrade from their current Set-Top Box to a higher variant without paying much and without any hassle. For example, upgrading to an HD Set-Top Box is going to cost the subscribers Rs 699 along with Rs 150 as engineer charges. Similarly, the subscribers can upgrade to the Xstream Box only for Rs 1,999, which almost half the price. Further, there is the option of billing your Airtel Postpaid, and Airtel Broadband connection along with your DTH connection, which you can then pay together through the Airtel Thanks application. On doing this, the subscribers will enjoy a 10% discount.

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