Airtel Digital TV and DishTV publish their Q2 2014-15 revenues

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Airtel and DishTV have published their Q2 2014-15 ending 30th September results and the results are a mixed bag. The television and broadcasting sector is undergoing a change so things might just improve in future. Here's what the results are:



  • Airtel's total revenue was Rs. 626.3 crore. Its earnings before interest and taxes stand at a loss of Rs 67.7 crores which is not really a good sign.
  • It added 1,51,000 customers in the quarter which is a sign of good things to come.
  • Its average revenue per user was Rs 220 which is pretty less considering the fact that cable operators charge anything between Rs 250-400 these days. And Airtel has to spend heavily on services so it suffers in that regard when it comes to monetisation.
  • Its monthly churn rate (customers who left compared to the total) increased to 1.1 percent which is another issue for it.


  • It has reported a revenue of 616.8 crores but had a stand alone loss of Rs 15.1 crores.
  • It added 3,78,000 subscribers during the quarter which is pretty impressive.
  • Its earning before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization of assets stood at 162.3 crores. It hasn't revealed the complete details but has stated that EBITDA margin was 24.1 percent (it is basically EBITDA/Revenue).
  • Its average revenue per unit is again on the lower side of things and it stood at Rs 172 and it needs to work on this aspect.
  • The churn rate was constant at 0.7 percent which is a decent number.

The digitisation of the nation will bring in major changes and let us see if these reports change as a result of it.

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