Airtel and Google working to allow carrier billing for Play Store in India

Buying applications on Google Play Store is set to get easier for Indian subscribers who do not own credit cards as they won’t be required to use a credit card for purchasing content if Airtel successfully strikes a deal with the search giant.

Only two percent of India’s population use Credit Cards so Airtel, which is India’s largest telecom carrier, wants to provide the option of carrier billing to Android users who have so far been dependent on credit cards for Google Play Store purchases.

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Sources claim that the deal between Google and Airtel will fall through once they reach consensus on revenue sharing. Google is reportedly demanding for a whopping 90 percent of the profits while the Indian telecom carrier is expecting a better deal. Once they strike a deal, it would require regulatory body’s approval before being implemented.

At a time when Google is taking initiatives such as Android One in India, Airtel’s carrier billing is being seen as a significant move to properly tap the marketing potential in the growing economy.

What it means to Airtel customers in coming days :

1. Carrier Billing will help people to buy digital goods online without having to provide an online merchant with your credit card information.

2. If sources has to be believed carrier billing in India will work for postpaid customers initially with certain spending limit every month.

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