Bharti Airtel Autopay Service Will Help Prepaid Users With their Next Recharge

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Bharti Airtel has been improvising with its services and has been one of the leading telecom operators of India for a long time. One of the things that a customer is constantly worried about is recharging with a new plan every time his/her current plan reaches near its expiry date. This is a constant pain for people who go for prepaid plans with short-term validity. But Airtel has got something in store of its services using which customers won’t have to worry about recharging again anytime soon. It is the ‘Autopay’ service for prepaid customers. Earlier it was something which was offered only to postpaid customers of the telco, but this benefit is now available for the prepaid customers as well. More on the story ahead.

Airtel Autopay Service for Prepaid Users

Airtel autopay service aims for helping the customers with their next recharge. The autopay service automates the next recharge for the customer. Autopay service ensures that a customer doesn’t have to worry about recharging again. He/she can add select debit cards or credit cards and set them as the medium for payments for the future recharges.

There are a few things that you should know about this system. Three days before the expiry date of your current plan, the Airtel autopay service will recharge your account and deduct the appropriate amount from your bank account. The customer will be notified about this transaction and the recharge through SMS on their registered mobile number.

The customers don’t need to worry about anything. Even though the new pack will be recharged three days before the expiry of the current one, the current one will work and end on the day it is supposed to. All the benefits of the new recharged plan will only get activated once the current/old plan of the customer expires.

There can be a situation where the customer forgets about the autopay system. He/she can get a recharge done through a retailer or by themselves only using any online portal. During that time, the next recharge date using the Airtel autopay service will shift to the expiry date of the newly recharged plan.

If the customer is unhappy by the Airtel autopay service for some reason or just don’t want it in general anymore, he/she can get rid of it anytime he/she wishes. All the customer needs to do is go to their account on the Airtel app and disable autopay from services payment settings. But for that to happen, the customer needs to activate it. Even that can be done with the help of Airtel app.

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