Airtel 3G Vs. 4G: Is 4G service in India hyped up or is it really any good?

Airtel has been pitching the 4G services quite aggressively and even the Indian smartphone market is inundated with entry-level handsets that support 4G LTE. I have been using 4G connection in Bangalore for almost 8 months and there is also considerable progress when it comes to 4G speeds over the period of time.

Let’s check out if Airtel is just trying to create a hoopla or 4G connection really makes a hell lot of difference in the speed. I tethered the 4G and the 3G connection so as to run the speed test (both have been done simultaneously in the same place) Check out the test results below

3G Speeds in Bangalore

Untitled image (51)

The 3G speeds are not that impressive and are also not consistent

4G Speeds in Bangalore

4G Speed test

4G is almost 15 times faster than the 3G at no extra cost

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As we can infer from the tests above the 4G is amazingly fast for a wireless connection and the best part is Airtel as of now is not charging a premium for the 4G services. The download speeds, we got on 4G connection, ranged from 1-2Mbps which means downloading your favorite application from the Playstore will just take seconds. Streaming capability also improves greatly with the LTE connection. Well, I personally felt addicted to the 4G speeds and the fact that Airtel 4G services don’t come at a premium makes it a value for money proposition.

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Gaurav Singh
May 20, 2017 10:40 pm 10:40 PM
I have altogether different experience from Airtel 4G launched few months ago in Bhagalpur(bihar). Here 4G is normally between 2-5 Mbps while 3G was(a month ago during day) 15 Mbps minimum and 19.5 Mbps generally having 60-80% signal strength.Some people at some locations have recorded 20 Mbps 4G at night but I wont count that. Now Airtel is forcing 4G to broaden its database of 4G users and now they have murdered 3G speed to around 1-2 Mbps. 4G in India is really pathetic,JIO is unbearably worse than even any 3G operator(except for few places in Metro).If BSNL upgrade and… Read more »
May 20, 2017 10:26 pm 10:26 PM

In Kerala…Kottayam distric I got 4 to 6MB downloading speed jio(not that it’s MB not mb)and speed test got 45Mb downling speed..and you said Airtel network is good

March 5, 2016 1:38 am 1:38 AM

please dont confuse peoples in the name of downloading speed, its 2Mbps (mega bit per second) and not MBPS ( mega byte per seacond), 1 byte = 8 bits. so divide 2Mbps to 8 and then show the reasults. peoples should understand this.