Aircel offering 25% extra data for recharges through USSD portal

Aircel has been doing its share of work to remain in the competition with the incumbents. It has been giving extra talktime, bonus data and low roaming tariffs to retain its market share of subscribers. Earlier this month Aircel started offering Rs.115 talktime plus 150MB 2G data for Rs.108 with 15 day validity. Now the operator has come up with a unique offering where it is giving 25% extra 2G data for recharges done through the USSD platform in Kolkata circle.


Rs.148 voucher which earlier gave 2GB 2G data and after that unlimited at 32 Kbps now gives 2.5GB 2G data and after that unlimited at 32 Kbps. The extra data offering is not available on the lower denomination and short validity vouchers.

Aircel currently has 2G, 3G as well as 4G services but has negative net worth and has not been allowed to bid for fresh spectrum in circles where it does not currently hold spectrum in a particular band. Users are advised to confirm with customer care before recharging with any denomination.

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March 20, 2015 11:10 pm 11:10 PM

The upload speed of Aircel in Tamilnadu when used in LG G3 D855 is just 66 KB / s !!!.

Imon Aryan
March 20, 2015 7:34 pm 7:34 PM


Please Update .
All data packs above 100 is offering 25% extra data on USSD portal .
All data packs include 2G and 3G data pack.

Revised offerings after extra 25% offer .

128 : 1024 Mb 2g
148 : 2560 Mb 2g UL
155 : 1280 Mb 3g /2g
198 : 1664 Mb 3g/2g
255 : 2240 Mb 3g /2g
275 : 2560 Mb 3g /2g
399 : 3840 Mb 3g /2g UL
697 : 7680 Mb 3g /2g UL
997 : 12800 Mb 3g /2g UL
1397 : 19200 Mb 3g /2g UL

Even Aircel offering special offers like 200 Mb 3G for only Rs 8 for 3 days .

abhishek chatterjee
March 20, 2015 10:12 pm 10:12 PM

USSD dial number ??

Imon Aryan
March 20, 2015 11:53 pm 11:53 PM


Please check offer before confirming.

Offer can vary by circles.

March 20, 2015 6:59 pm 6:59 PM
No 3G tower expansion in West Bengal Circle, Worst 2G speed. So whats the use of extra data, when u cant use when u need it most. 3G speed is decent though, bt no expansion. Even all district headquarters (i.e. Bankura) are not covered by 3G signal. DOT is sleeping. Recently they revised their SMS packs also. Rs.49 pack now gives 900 sms all network (L+N) [Previously it was 2400 A2A, 400 A2O] val – 28 days Rs.26 pack now gives 425 sms all network (L+N) [Previously it was 1300 A2A, 200 A2O] val – 15 days I was using… Read more »