Aircel laying off 700 employees, to cut more jobs in April: Report

GSM telecom operator Aircel is reportedly laying off around 700 staff, which is almost 10% of its pan-India staff strength, as part of the first stage of workforce downsizing ahead of its planned merger with Anil Ambani-led Reliance Communication. The telco plans for the next phase of job cuts in April this year.


Aircel is currently in the process of merging its operations with RCom’s wireless business to create a new wireless entity. The merger between Reliance Communication and Aircel is in the courts awaiting clearance from the Supreme Court.

According to a Times of India report, Aircel has given these employees a week’s time since last Friday to agree on the company’s compensation package, which includes full month’s salary in February and just the basic pay of the following six months.

“The entire exercise is being aimed at reducing duplication of human resources with the possible merger with Reliance Communications (RCom),” a source was quoted as saying by the publication.

The Times of India reported that the circle teams, as well as the corporate base, is being resized now with an eye on cost restructuring.

“In the coming 7-8 months, we are planning to go slow on all segments as more stages of job cuts are on the cards,” an insider at Aircel told the publication.

Aircel, which has around 8,000 employees in India, however, contended that the ToI report of the firm laying off employees was ‘speculative’ and ‘misleading’.

In a statement issued to media, Aircel said that the recent news report regarding rationalisation of jobs at Aircel is speculative and deceptive.

“We would like to emphasise that amidst all that is happening in the sector, our focus is to build a profitable company, keeping the best interest of our customers and people, ” said the company in a statement.

The ongoing consolidation drive will lead to massive layoffs in the Indian telecom industry with as many as a thirds of over three lakh employees becoming redundant in the next 18 months as consolidation plays out, according to a recent ET report.

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Sunny | Lucknow
Today 12:56 PM

Aircel, a company born out of corruption, sooner or later its bad days would arrive. These people should be happy they atleast had these jobs which shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Not surprising that Aircel does so well in TN, after all it’s one of the most corrupt states of India.

Today 2:32 PM

Please, let’s not compare TN with UP. UP will fail on nearly any metric. Aircel has traction in Mumbai too. Entire sector is about to witness layoffs not just aircel.

Today 12:57 AM

Wait, 7-8 months of “going slow”? Rcom announced that it will close the deal by Q3 this year. Are they really thinking of two brands, one company? Something is off.

Today 3:02 PM

If Airtel goes with same attitude then same will happen with them… I see them for atleast two years from here onwards….. I don’t see them in long term in this sector

Today 2:59 PM

Waiting for merger badly…. Wish to see them giving competition to Avoid group…… I think Vodafone and Idea are dead now

February 18, 2017 12:10 pm 12:10 PM
Just read the comments down there and I am amazed. People supporting AVoId really have no logics and they are not at all pro-consumers. They can’t even see themselves that they were part of loot that AVoId did by using their monopoly and dominance. But they are here to be looted and feel proud of it. You mindless people, If Jio is responsible for all this then AVoId is responsible for bad state of RCOM, Tata, Aircel, Videocon, Telenor, MTS etc. which got killed even before Jio arrived and don’t forget AVoId used their dominanace to kill own very own… Read more »
February 18, 2017 7:05 pm 7:05 PM

You are one of the persons who dont know how businesses in the worls run. Telecos are investing huge amount of money in the business. So their risk for returns is also more. Thats why only 3 telecos in india are profitable even though 8 to 9 operators are in the business.

Today 1:03 PM

Where were you when Avoid did 2G scam? We lost so much public money from those scams. Oh, you got your salary from that scam.

Today 12:58 PM

Then Jio investing more & giving services at affordable price, so will get more customers. Airtel is going to lose. So why cry. Business will lose, if they can’t compete. Avoid agents are hypocrite cry babies. They don’t care about others. Agents only care about their jobs. Their should be investgation against avoid agents commenting here. Once confirmed that they are agents, then they should go to jail for misbehaving customers using words like beggar, freeloader, etc.

These agents are not well taught by their parents. Only badly raised spoiled brats will talk like this.

Today 12:58 AM

I didn’t know rcom was in loss….before this quarter anyway.

February 18, 2017 8:30 am 8:30 AM

off topic-

Goldberg defeat brock lesnar again…

February 18, 2017 12:05 am 12:05 AM

I wish the merger happens quickest and we should able to get proper 3G network of Rcom/Aircel/MTS soon

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Mohammed Jassim
February 17, 2017 6:31 pm 6:31 PM
TO PEOPLE FEELING SORRY FOR THE LOSS OF JOBS IN TELECOM SECTOR I WILL TELL YOU A SWEET STORY.I bought a reliance dongle in 2006.It was postpaid connection and the monthly fixed charge was supposed to be 400.but we received fixed charge bills upto 1000 rs.we went to reliance office and begged the people to stop the service.Then they said they could do it but they won’t.After some months with help of advocate we closed the connection.Then we heard that the reliance office in our area closed.Some people beat up the office staff over the problems of reliance dongle,the same… Read more »
February 18, 2017 8:50 pm 8:50 PM

Same thing happened here also … between 2008-2009 ….

Mohammed Jassim
February 17, 2017 6:22 pm 6:22 PM


Mohammed Jassim
February 17, 2017 6:17 pm 6:17 PM

Face the facts guys.Aircel launched in kerala in 2008.15 lakh people were using aircel as their primary sim when they left without any warning in 2012.Many people lost their number.Aircel didn’t give time to port out.Aircel also stopped their services in other 5 circles in 2012.DID JIO CAUSED THIS?Many people lost job then.STOP BLAMING JIO FOR WHAT HAPPENING TO AIRCEL.DID EVERYONE FORGET THE 2G SCAM?

February 17, 2017 6:10 pm 6:10 PM

Guys on a whole every sector Indian market is on a consolidation phase. Small business will not be able to survive giants who have money. Just heard Flipkart & Snapdeal have starting talking on a possible merger.

India is becoming a matured market where few Giants can rule.


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