5 Best Password Managing Applications on the PlayStore

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Nowadays with the increase in numerous social media sites combined with the rise in web services which require the user to login, people are confronted with the problem of managing uncountable number of passwords. Thanks to technology there exist applications like password managers which help us store and manage a directory of our essential passwords so that we can use them as and when required. Below we have summarized the five best password managing applications which will help you manage your passwords without the fear of losing very crucial data!


aWallet Password Manager

This password manager offers plenty of features like search, custom icons, and an auto-lock feature. Along with the usual offerings the app also comes with AES and Blowfish encryption which is responsible for keeping user’s passwords safe from threats. Besides that, the app also comes with a password generator which can assist users in generating new passwords for fresh logins. There also exists a paid version of the aWallet Password Manager app which comes at the price of $3.49 and can be bought as an in-app purchase.


Dashlane is a well-known name among all password managing applications. The functionalities offered by the app includes support for storing passwords, credit cards, and other sensitive types of information. This is paired with the auto filling feature, which allows the users to easily fill out forms online. The app coms with support for on-device and cloud based backup accompanied with the very reliable 256-bit AES encryption for securing the password database. The entire range of features is available to the users at the price of $39.99 per year.

Password Safe and Manager

Password Safe and Manager comes with a very smooth Material UI which is minimalistic and classy in design. Along with offering a very pleasant experience the app boasts of no access to the internet so the users feel safe while keeping their passwords secure. The 256 bit encryption on the application enables the security for password storage. The app also allows the option of auto-backup for the passwords. Users can type the passwords in, categorize them for easy browsing, and even generate new passwords in a jiffy using this application. The pro version of the app is available on the app store for $3.99.

SafeIn Cloud Password Manager

Like the name suggests this app is a cloud based solution for storing and managing passwords. The SafeIn Cloud app also uses 128-bit AES encryption along with some high end exclusive functionalities like fingerprint scanner support, Android Wear support, a password generator, and a password strength calculator. Like the last app we discussed this Cloud based app manager also utilises the pleasing Material design. The app can also be used for auto-filling passwords on browsers. The SafeIn Cloud Password Manager offers almost all features on the free version but for people looking for a near perfect experience the pro version of the app comes at $2.99.

Google Smart Lock

Google is also not far behind in the race for the best password managing application. Google’s Smart Lock app which is available across Android, Google Chrome, and Chrome OS comes at absolutely no cost and has no premium or pro version. The support for the passwords has been extended to services like usernames, credit card info, and etc. Also, the working of the application remains very simple. When users fill in passwords on websites the app asks for permission to store the data in an encrypted format and then uses that information to autofill forms when the user logs in the next time.

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