53% of Voice of the Customer feedback says their choice of selection of BSNL/MTNL is fulfilled

Few days’ back we have come up with an innovative campaign called Voice of the Customer – BSNL/MTNL and the reader’s response was amazing. Thank you for all your support and valuable time in providing your feedback, comments and suggestions via TT platform. Now it’s time for us to Talk and discuss about the results which we received from readers in the form of feedback.

Q1. What is your Connection Type with BSNL/MTNL?


Almost 91% of users who gave their feedback are Pre Paid users and only 9% are Post Paid users, this clearly shows that most of the users prefer prepaid freedom than post paid connection.

Q2.What is your connection Technology?

connection-technologyAmong 205 user feedbacks received, 202 Number of users are on GSM technology while only 3 users are on CDMA technology.

Q3.Weather BSNL or MTNL?


Q4. To which Telecom Circle you Belong?


You can clearly see that Kerala BSNL stands first among users who gave feedback from all the circles followed by Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. This can also be used as one of the parameters to show the performance of BSNL and customer satisfaction from users of BSNL in those circles.

Q5. What is your Base Tariff Plan?
It is surprising to see that most of the users are on 1p/sec tariff followed by 1.2p/Sec and special tariff plans like Nestham or Vennela.

Q6.What is your age on Network?
The average age on Network by all the users is approximately 4 years while the highest and lowest age on network stands 12 Years and just 1 month.

Q7. What is the main reason for you to opt for BSNL/MTNL Services?
Users feedback reports that Network Coverage, Roaming, Transparency in billing, FNF and Affordable Data plans are the main reasons for users to opt for BSNL/MTNL Services.

Q8. Is your Choice and Reason for selection of this Operator Fulfilled?
53% of users report that their choice of selection of BSNL/MTNL is fulfilled followed by 31% partially and 16% came out with a No. This shows that BSNL has managed to achieve what they advertised and why users are on their Network.


Base Tariff Plan

Q9. Average Monthly expenditure on your Number?
46% of users report that their average monthly expenditure is above 100Rs and below Rs300, 20% of users report that their average monthly expenditure is above 300Rs and below 500Rs while only 18% and 1% of users report that their average monthly expenditure is below 100Rs and above 1000Rs respectively on their Numbers. This also shows that most of the users on BSNL/MTNL are premium users who spend comfortably on their monthly bills and love to be in touch with their circles.



Q10. What is the most you like in BSNL/MTNL?

58% of users like Network coverage the most while Plans and Tariff options and Transparency in Billing are equally liked (40%) by most of the users followed by No Disturbance services with 31% of votes.So from this we can also conclude that users mainly prefer BSNL/MTNL mainly because of Network Coverage all across India.


Q11. What is the most you Dislike in BSNL/MTNL?

No doubt, Customer Care is what 68% of people who gave responses Dislike the most in BSNL/MTNL Services followed by Data Uplink/Downlink Response with 45% Dislikes and Non availability of information like Plans, Offers, Packs via Website, Toll free Numbers and SMS with 44%.This clearly shows that BSNL/MTNL should definitely improve Customer Care service as well as quality via different modes like providing special Numbers, SMS and via email as well.


Q12. What is the most you like about BSNL/MTNL – 3G, Data Services on Mobile?

Coming to the next Generation 3G services, 67% of users like the affordable Data plans from BSNL/MTNL followed by simplicity 49% and Wide 3G coverage 47%.This clearly show that BSNL/MTNL should continue innovating in providing affordable data plans and also should badly improve Quality of Data Services provided on 3G.

Q13. Any further improvement required on Quality of Services according to you?

  • Provide Self Care portal
  • Customer Support
  • Increase Data speeds
  • Easy Activation of Plans via SMS
  • Regular Website up gradation with latest information on Tariffs
  • Improve Network Quality
  • Provide More Tariff Options

Are the most suggested and requested improvements from the customers who gave their feedback. Yes, definitely some genuine requests from users as far as I’m experienced with the Network too.

Q14. Are you presently facing any Problems with BSNL/MTNL Services? If so what are they?

  • SMS sending fail, Multiple Deliveries, Delayed Delivery
  • Call Drops
  • Data Uplink/Downlink Response
  • Effective Customer Care Resolutions

Are the most common problems customers are facing with BSNL/MTNL services. Dear BSNL/MTNL please try to rectify all these problems as soon as possible.

Q15. If you would like to Thank/Regret any Service from BSNL/MTNL, you can go ahead.
Most of the users thanked BSNL/MTNL for
– FNF schemes
– Good Roaming facilities
– Free Missed Call Alerts
– For being so simple and transparent
– For withstanding private Operators
– Location info via Cell Info services
– For Toll free numbers
– For affordable Data plans
– Coverage in Rural areas and also while roaming

I hope the best of the best Thanks to BSNL/MTNL came from users especially with this section of poll.

Q16. Ported from any other Network to BSNL/MTNL, Which Network and Why?
Most of the user’s feedback shows that BSNL/MTNL is their parent Network and they are not from any other network while a negligible percent of users ported from various networks like Airtel, Aircel, Tata Docomo, etc. to BSNL.

Q17. How far are you satisfied with BSNL /MTNL services?
32% of users report that they are neutrally satisfied with BSNL/MTNL Services which can be seen graphically from the above report followed by only 10% of users who are very happy with the services.

Q18. Are you planning to Port to a different Network?
Though slightly more or less, It is a tie between Yes and No while coming to the question of planning for porting to a different Network? , 51% of users say that they are not planning to port out of the network while 49% of users plan to port out of network to a network of their choice preferably Vodafone, Airtel, Aircel, Tata Docomo, Uninor, Reliance etc..

Dear Readers after discussing the results how did you feel about the poll and services from BSNL/MTNL?

Also to mention this is not the end for giving your feedback on BSNL/MTNL services, the feedback form will be always available for readers and shortly we will also be embedding the results document on TT pages in a special section. Stay tuned for more polls on other Networks too.

Update: I have made the BSNL/MTNL feedback data document public so that every one can read and share their opinions.

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  • Jatinde - Tanda March 17, 2016 9:18 pm

    I have called many customer care excecutive, what the service they provide to the customer , they dont know which number should give to the customer for solution , they told me many time call 1503 then 1502 but noboday able to give me relevent information about my concern . They are just irritated to me ,I really need internet for my work but cant use because of thier poor service , dont waste money on bsnl .

  • Sharath - Chickmaglore August 11, 2015 1:09 pm

    the worst network i have used….. 3G signal is worst… network problem is always seen and in roaming calls get rearly connected…
    customer service very bad service….. irrelevant charges are cut some times

  • Alok verma - Bhopal June 5, 2015 2:37 pm

    I think some time BSNL provide worst service to the customer, specially in roaming, its very bad.

  • Rahim - Hyderabad May 21, 2015 10:38 pm

    Some times Bsnl serves weird service than others n/w.
    eg: when we sent a SMS from Bsnl Mobile to other N/w s , the N/ws will receive couple of times that same message with certain time interval.

  • Manish - Indore February 10, 2015 7:07 pm

    Please don’t think to take bsnl services in indore MP because they have all things but employee don’t want to work….imy broadband is not working from last 40 days but they give me bill ….i have spend 5 hours but don’t give you proper information..

    they are give different argument but not resolve problem… and say we can’t do…..

  • Manu - Tuvvur December 26, 2014 7:31 pm

    Why Kerala bsnl is not providing 1gb data for 1 day at rs 29 as Karnataka bsnl network

  • Siva Tiruchendur February 8, 2013 4:46 am

    5 days before my made a top up to my BSNL number through Bsnl portal,During that time Amount has been debited from bank a/c,but top up value has been not added into mobile number.I didn’t made complaints regarding this problem.,4 days has been passed,Then i called to 1503 CC number,So that number give the connection to Local region CC.I talked with MH cc representative ( because i am living presently in pune).he explained the fact,and he gave Tnadu CC number to me.During that time he clearly explained u have been charged as STD call rate if u dialing TN CC number (94440 24365).
    Then i dialed above mentioned with in 30 sec call has been answered.I explained about my issue.That CC representative answered,”No problem sir,your amount will refunded with in 2 Hrs” after cut the call,i not believed about BSNL service,

    But what’s happened, With in 2 Hrs ,my top up amount credited in to respective account..

    Similar problem i am facing in Tata Docomo network,14 days has been passed,Still my amount has been not refuned…still i am trying trying for my amount.

    somebody says bsnl CC is worst..as myself if u are approach CC team in a proper way and your complaint will be acceptable one means ,Surely BSNL team will help you..

    Henceforth , I decided to suggest BSNL prepaid if anyone asking about selection of prepaid network..,

    Thank you BSNL team.,

    DOcomo,Nowdays i seen your true face of customer service.,
    PRRG12811107 it’s my docket number.,still Its not closed .,(better u can change your aim to “Do the cheating in customers money in a new way”)…,

  • Darshan Malu February 1, 2013 10:13 pm

    I Dont Know About Other Circles But for maharashtra circle The customer service is ossum the others commenting about bad customer service is all old saying even i was facing the same last year but now as i call 1503 there toll free no and as it gets connected just press 3339 the customer care takes the phone in fraction of a second
    And about the services its ossumest then others in my locality atleast my all friends who use a 3G phone only relies upon BSNL No other operator has such a ossum 3G range then this In maharshtra where ever you go theres a 3G range
    If your using a 3G phone and requires a net connection nothing is better than BSNL For 2G phones there some problem of speed but for 3G its best and no other good providers can give such a plan that for Rs135 400min loc+std calling to any network
    And for net 111 for 2gb

  • Darshan Malu February 1, 2013 9:56 pm

    BSNL is all time the best provider for me in all ways
    They are only the one who have provided the best 3G facilities in remote areas too i love its network quality
    But the improvement they can do is change there postpaid plans
    The postpaid plans of BSNL is quite costly on comparing with other operators such as Idea and Vodafone
    In both these companies they provide
    Monthly Rental Benifits
    249 500min+300sms+512mb net
    199 250min+300sms
    This is a range 199-249rs which today mostly all customers prefer to have but still BSNL has not yet made any changes in its tariff since 2yrs If they change there postpaid tariff better than other companies surely there will a quite tough fights for other companies and BSNL will have more postpaid customers than the prepaid ones

  • Kaushik January 29, 2013 2:27 pm

    I want to say that MTNL- trump prepaid base tariff in Mumbai circle is 90p/min. We have to recharge by STV 45 for per second plan with 180days validity. Also only 2 internet pack scheme is- Rs.14 (500mb-3 day) and Rs.98( 1gb-1mnth). There mst b a variety of internet plans. I am an unsatisfied customer jst because of huge network problm. Internet sign disapears frm 11am-6pm. And call drops many times.

  • Sathish, Gobichettipalayam January 21, 2013 7:48 pm

    Yes, As per TRAI subscribers data – Nov’12 :

    Overall, BSNL is much much better performance in entire south India when we compared with rest of india –

    Total BSNL mobile users in india : 10,00,00,000 out of 10 Cr – south india contribution is 3.35 Crore( four states- circles) as on 30th Nov’12.

    See the BSNL customers in all four states:

    Kerala (more than 76 Lakh BSNL Mobile Customers; even though small circle)

    Tamil nadu (95 Lakh BSNL Mobile Users)

    Andra pradesh (92 Lakh users)

    Karnataka (71 Lakh BSNL mobile users).

    Rest of India BSNL employee are really waste except U.P east circle.

    Because U.P east circle has 1.03 Crore BSNL Mobile users.

  • Arjun Chandrashekar January 16, 2013 6:42 pm

    BSNL Services are Totally Worst, Especially Today in Kolar District of Karnataka Having Severe Network Congestion in Their BTS. The Subscriber of Private Operators is Facing Problem Here as if He Calls To BSNL Mobile The IVR is Saying That ” The Subscriber of BSNL is out of Coverage Area, Please Try After Somtime” and if The BSNL Customer Calls To Private Numbers The IVR which says The above Statement

  • KANNAN KACHARA January 16, 2013 4:35 pm


  • Saurabh January 16, 2013 10:30 am

    I think BSNL provides good services only to people in Southern parts of India. In north especially in Haryana, they’re the worst. There is not a single week in a month when you don’t see service outage for hours. Even yesterday, BSNL main exchange at Ambala went down and mobile services remain disrupted for more than 7 hours and it a usual thing to happen. There was no BSNL signal all over Haryana. Broadband services were also down. Only landline was working. Due to fault at BSNL end, Reliance Comm. customers also suffered a lot. As Internet wasn’t working, I called up Reliance CC and they asked me to wait till 4:30PM. When I read today’s newspaper regarding BSNL outage, same time for service restoration was written. So it seems Reliance uses BSNL infra at backend. It was not the first time. Whenever BSNL goes down, Reliance Internet either on Netconnect, GSM, CDMA mobiles also stop working here.

    If you’re from Haryana, never go for BSNL as its the least reliable network. Even after having huge spectrum in 900MHz, signal is weaker than those operating on 1800MHz and service quality will definately bring tears to your eyes when you won’t be able to call even in 10 tries. Someone said right that their staff is of no use. They’re not willing to work at all. Even you write to higher authorities, there will be no response.

    My friend took BSNL SIM last month and tried their 3G service and speed never went over 1Mbps i.e 128KB/s while Docomo/Idea/Vodafone providing 8-10Mbps on an average. If someone really needs reliable service in Haryana, go for either Idea or Vodafone. Though they’re costly little bit but we pay for quality which BSNL don’t have and will never have. Their service quality is almost the same as it was in starting. No or very little network upgrade. Shameless BSNL.

  • Arjun Chandrashekar January 15, 2013 11:22 am

    BSNL is Totally Useless, Inspite of Giving Several Complaints They are Not Bothered to Improve Their Services. Especially BSNL Landline Services are not So Worthy If They Provide You Free Because Lots of Voice Disturbance, connectivity speed is Very Low and About Internet, It is Very Hopeless. I’m neither an agent of Private operators nor Praise about BSNL.
    Hope BSNL Should Remove Their Idiotic Staffs Who are Old and Not Having Excellent Knowledge Like Youths

    • chaitra January 15, 2013 4:16 pm

      Try to respect desi service provider, like private operators bsnl doesnt fool its customers, governments useless policies have made bsnl to suffer a lot.. & old people are not idiots…. learn to respect others…..

      • Arjun Chandrashekar January 16, 2013 6:46 pm

        WTF? Today BSNL BTS has Given So Much Network Congestion so That We are Not able to Make Calls, Internet Has not Got accessed nor SMS has been Sent.
        So I Don’t Beleive in Desi Operator Who Gives This Kind Of Worst Service
        and Finally BSNL doesn’t Care for It’s Customers Especially in Karnataka BSNL Service is Very Very bad….

      • Arjun Chandrashekar January 16, 2013 6:48 pm

        And Please Go To Doctor and Check your Eyes. You Might Be Suffering From Jaundice

  • padmapada January 14, 2013 4:27 pm

    BSNL should reduce the cost of it’s sms pack bcz it is not afford by a common working person and also by a student..

  • Mohit January 14, 2013 1:25 pm

    see why i love BSNL 3G.

    Daily download- 10GB
    Monthly Download- 300GB +



    • BHIM January 14, 2013 2:38 pm

      One Simple Question…… How?

    • Anirban Das January 15, 2013 4:28 pm

      Dear, which plan gives you, such speed with this huge amount of DATA

  • Esmail January 14, 2013 11:28 am

    Its high time that MTNL Mumbai upgrade its 3G data speeds from HSDPA to HSPA+, private operators are providing downlink speeds upto 28Mbps and MTNL is still stuck to primitive 3.6Mbps. They had made a public statement saying the speeds would be upgraded by 2012 year end, and here we are in 2013 still stuck on 3.6Mbps and uplink speeds are not even worth mentioning.

    • Vikram January 15, 2013 7:37 am

      Your expetation will be met for sure but in 2022, MTNL mumbai has worst network than any other operator in India. I used it before and then realize I made mistake by porting my number to MTNL. They should plan to invest in tower to improve their network which is only way they can be number 1 operator in Mumbai. They can with their plans and offers but because of their network people try to keep distance from MTNL….

  • S.Sudakar January 14, 2013 11:05 am

    Tamilnadu BSNL has removed all FREE off net SMS benefits in all the packs :

    Read the file : tamilnadu.bsnl.co.in/cm/adcirculars/SMS_STVs.pdf

    I think the same will apply for other circles also.

  • Satish January 14, 2013 10:10 am

    I’ve participated in this feedback operation…
    but, i am really too much dissapointed by recend hikes in SMS plans and Voice plans..
    I mean let alone private companies but i thought PSU govt company won’t increase their tarrifs…
    and they removed SMS pack and replaced by rate-cutters…it’s pure fail for me…
    also that voice-on-net-unlimited-free pack of 299 is now for 344… 🙁

  • Sougata Das January 14, 2013 9:51 am

    I used BSNL 5 years ago and now planning to use it again. But they need to modify their talk plans & tariffs. Also they need to have easy access to variety of products which are not available with the shop keepers.

  • plan January 14, 2013 2:49 am

    I was a bsnl Customer.. at early usage time when I was new every thing was fine but later it was head ache using bsnl. few drawbacks are as follows.

    1) cal drop

    2) at emergency ( & most of the time) I had to try 3-6 times to make a success full cal.

    3) Data plans was gud for RS :98 2GB but the problem was I had to try several times to load a page as well to each n every page [ but downloading speed was really awesome ]

    4) Don’t no why in bsnl if I send a text it takes few seconds to get out of phone. it was not quick like others.

    these are the few main reasons which force me to port out of bsnl.

    yet I can bet if these problems get solved NO ONE CAN BEAT BSNL…

    • Arjun Chandrashekar January 17, 2013 10:44 am

      Even if you are in The Emergency, BSNL won’t Cares for it’s Services. They are Planting Towers in Rural Areas to Give Seamless Coverage. But Coming to The Part of Service BSNL is Very Bad..
      BSNL Engineers Don’t know How To Reduce The Network Traffic Congestion.
      and Finally BSNL needs to Learn From Norwegian Operator Telenor Other wise Indian Back Bone Will Fail To Attract Customers

  • Aditya Maheshwari January 13, 2013 10:53 pm

    I was in this feedback. Thats right, we are happy with BSNL. We want some improvements in network & 3G in towns also.

  • Sunil Yadav January 13, 2013 10:41 pm

    MTS ke bare mein koi NEWS hai Kya???
    18-01–2013 ke baad service milegi ya nahi??
    MTS to kuch nahi bata raha hai……

  • Sunil Yadav January 13, 2013 10:38 pm

    BSNL/MTNL ka network theek ho jaye to inke barabar koi operator nahi ho payega…

  • anupam January 13, 2013 10:26 pm

    i am a CDMA user(low radiation,less congestion,better network coverage,clear voice) and BSNL/MTNL has to score hard in this area including roaming agreements,network area coverage flexibility in SIM (OMH type )and better plans of voice/data .

  • S.Sudhakar January 13, 2013 10:11 pm

    So the customers themselves said that BSNL customer care is WORST. What else to be said?.

  • balu January 13, 2013 9:54 pm

    good team work

    • santosh January 14, 2013 1:29 pm

      For those who not knowing BSNL portal for recharge.
      This is BSNL portal link to do self recharge and they have improved this portal also.

      People can choose various options like TopUp, Special Recharge(Data,Voice,SMS,Others), Plan Vouchers(Validity Extension, Migration).

      • Kunal January 14, 2013 9:11 pm

        Yeah, MTNL should seriously start upgrading thier 3G network, both coveragewise and speed wise !!!

        • Ripudaman Singh January 17, 2013 12:37 am

          Have you ever tried doing a top-up with that site..? Minimum recharge value is Rs. 5500.
          When I enter 110, it says – recharge class error. 😐

          • achu January 21, 2013 7:07 pm

            It worng … i am using this portal for reacharge for last 2 years . I can recahrge any value above 50/- as multiple of 10

            • J. S. January 25, 2013 1:22 pm

              chaar din ki chandni fir kaali raat hai , bachho jitna marji uchhal kood lo thak kar aaoge to dada ji ke paas……….

          • riya January 28, 2013 3:02 pm

            that is a wrong comment. we can recharge from 55 rs onwards..

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