ZTE Unveils MIMO Base Station, 5G Flexhaul, and Other Series of Innovative Products to Indian Telecom Operators

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ZTE, the Chinese telecommunications company, today announced its 5G innovations to Indian telecom operators. ZTE launched its latest technical solutions that include Pre5G FDD / TDD Massive MIMO base station, 5G Flexhaul, and other series of innovative products.


The company also unveiled VR (virtual reality), smart home, smart parking for live demonstration and status of the vehicle. ZTE showcased all these technologies at the MWC 2017 event in Barcelona in February 2017.

“As network data traffic is rapidly growing in these years, network requirement for new service and large capacity has substantially increased, Indian telecom operators face challenges to enhance the network quality further and offer users’ better experience, develop new business to maintain sustained and healthy development,” claims ZTE.

Speaking on the development, Mr Peng Aiguang, CEO of ZTE India said, “The ICT industry is moving towards an ecosystem that is more open and collaborative. As part of ZTE’s M-ICT strategy, we are investing large resources to ensure we are a leader in innovation in 5G, Big Broadband, Network Virtualization, and IoT. We want to create more value for operators, and be an enabler for Digital Transformation in different sectors of the economy.”

If you recall, ZTE was the first equipment provider to propose Pre5G concept and solutions, which build the bridge from 4G to 5G. This technology helps operators to upgrade to 5G networks with the combination of Giga+ MBB, Massive IoT and Claudication, etc., which will obviously improve the performance of 4G networks, satisfy the explosive requirements of mobile services.

Along with the 5G development, ZTE is also focusing on the digital transformation of India as it brings its VR technologies to the country. ZTE released its E2E VR live solution, including four key components: VR content capture, elastic networks, a premium video platform and VR software development kits(SDK)/set-top box(STB).

ZTE’s E2E VR live solution is now commercially available. The application scenarios are extensive and include live entertainment, VR education, VR medication and VR shopping, bringing a revolutionary video experience to users.

Another key goal of ZTE is to build a future-oriented network architecture evolution in the era of digital transformation. Besides these, ZTE is committed to providing integrated end-to-end innovations and building an open business model, to help India Telecom Partners realise digital transformation, enhance network value.

Various Indian telecom operators have already partnered with Finnish gear maker Nokia and have started working to bring the 5G era to India. These equipment launches from ZTE will further speed up the deployment process.

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