Now you can download and watch YouTube videos offline in India

Alongside the official announcement of Android One smartphones, Google has also announced that it will bring offline capabilities to YouTube. Users in India would soon be able download YouTube videos and watch them later in offline mode.

YouTube Offline Playback India

Ceasar Sengupta, Product Management Director at Google explained that this move from the Internet giant was to better serve Indian users who generally do not consistent Internet connection, be it Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

YouTube is popular here. You watch some videos again and again. How awesome would it be if you could keep watching them again and again without having to pay for data, and take the videos with you wherever you go? Within the coming few weeks, much of YouTube will be available offline in India. This is huge, and our users will really, really like this. You can download a video once, save it to your phone, and watch it again and again.

There is no clear date as to when this feature will be publicly available but it is confirmed that not only music videos, users will be able to download any video from YouTube to watch it later.

What do you think about this move from Google? Are you happy with this?

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September 16, 2014 7:45 pm 7:45 PM & clip are going to get some good competition from Google 😉

That’s not true. A 2Mbps connection from Relience is different from Airtel. Even though Relience is offering true 4 Mbps unlimited internet, I am sticking with Airtel because of it’s youtube performance and low latency. Airtel has in fact youtube caching servers in it’s data center.

I can play a 720p video on a 4 Mbps connection without any buffering! Moreover I have an 8Mbps connection now and I am able to stream 3 720p HD streams simultaneously without buffering whatsoever!

September 15, 2014 11:28 pm 11:28 PM

Youtube will never play buffer free in India as its most servers are in US. Only the top videos are cached by Google in Singapore datacenter. All other videos will suffer buffering even with a 4Mbps connection.

It is a good move, as most people already use third party downloaders to download and watch youtube.

September 16, 2014 1:30 am 1:30 AM

they should have done this earlier..but its too late.Already we have IDM,tubemate etc doing it for years together 🙂