XIUS, Hebitel partner to help India’s MVNOs

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India-based supplier of telecom and mobile payments technology, XIUS, has joined hands with Hebitel, which is UK’s MVNO management consulting services provider, to help companies launch Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in India. Under the partnership, both the companies plan to offer clients a one-stop-shop for MVNO launches in India.


XIUS will provide the important technology and integration expertise, while Hebitel will provide experienced personnel and services. Hebitel said that its services include license application, market identification and business planning, experienced interim staff and all launch activities necessary from an MVNO perspective.

“Across the world we see very successful MVNOs targeting youth, roaming markets, international calling and others. With the immense scale of the Indian market we know that many niche services will spell huge success for our MVNO clients," Paul Nicholas, Managing Director of Hebitel, said.

The MVNO concept has evolved over the years and many of the present day mobile subscribers are customers of MVNOs. According to third party studies, about 10-15 percent of all mobile subscribers in Europe are subscribers of MVNOs. IDC forecasts total mobile services revenue in India to reach US $37 Billion in 2017. If Indian MVNOs are successful in following European experience, the market could easily represent a US $4 Billion opportunity very quickly.

"Our Mobile Services Platform (MSP) manages more than 350 million phone calls a day. Having built our own successful business in India gives us the local knowledge to provide MVNO entrants a real advantage in this complex market," G.V. Kumar, CEO of XIU said.

The Telecom commission recently approved a new category of unified licence for VNOs. The category is now awaiting final ministerial approval.

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Earlier players like Datawind, Videocon, and Future Group said that they plan to apply for VNO license in India, once the policy is in place.

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