WhatsApp New Features Which Will Change the Face of Our Favourite Messaging App

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms across the globe. Since the commencement, the Facebook-owned app has crossed two billion user mark and has no plans to stop in future. The instant messaging platform is all set to roll out new features in 2020 which will change the entire user experience. The Facebook-owned messaging company has already rolled out the most demanded Dark Mode feature a few days back. However, WhatsApp has a lot of new features which are currently under testing. This essentially means that the browsing time of WhatsApp users is going to increase in 2020. So here are some of the significant features of WhatsApp which will dominate the instant messaging platforms in 2020.

Multi-Device Support

WhatsApp is always known for introducing features very late when compared to the rival operators. One feature which is still not available in WhatsApp is the Multi-Device support. Notably, the rival app Telegram is offering Multi-Device feature from years. To retain the spot of the most lovable messaging platform, WhatsApp is testing the Multi-Device functionality, which will allow its users to browse WhatsApp in multiple devices at a single time. However, no official announcement regarding the launch of the feature has been made by WhatsApp.

Expiring/Self Destructing Messages

WhatsApp is all set to compete with the famous messaging app Snapchat. One of the significant features which make Snapchat unique is the self-destructing messages option. Similarly, WhatsApp is also planning to roll out the expiring message feature in 2020. However, WhatsApp users must note that delete messages feature and expiring messages features are entirely different. The expiring message feature will allow the users to set a time limit in both individual and group chats. Also, users will get the option to turn off the delete message feature. Users will be able to retain the messages for hours or weeks. However, the feature is still under development in WhatsApp Android Beta Version 2.20.110.

Search Messages on the Web

“The Entire Universe Will End in 2020”. A statement which is 101% fake. However, sometimes WhatsApp becomes the hub of fake messages as the credibility and source of the messages are unknown. To curb the spread of fake news and information, WhatsApp is testing Search Messages on the Web feature, which will allow the users to check the credibility of the forwarded messages in WhatsApp.

The feature gained significant importance in 2020 as the entire world is facing the threat of COVID-19 and false information is being circulated in WhatsApp groups and individuals chats. It is expected that users will be soon able to check the credibility of the message as they will get a search button in front of the forwarded message.

Status Video To 15 Seconds

Recently, WhatsApp has reduced the time limit of sharing Videos in Status. Earlier, the App allowed users to share 30 seconds of videos in status. However, now users will be able to upload videos up to 15 seconds in WhatsApp status. The prime reason behind the new update is to aid the telecom operators who have been facing huge load on network infrastructure due to excessive use of the network. The update has been rolled out specifically in India. Though it is expected that the update will be rolled back once the network infrastructure is stable.

Tweaked WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp Dark Mode was one of the most demanded features by users. WhatsApp was testing the feature for a long time. But in 2020, WhatsApp has finally introduced Dark Mode in both Android and iOS versions. WhatsApp Dark Mode will minimise eye fatigue as it uses colours which are closer to the system defaults. Not only this, but WhatsApp has also improved the contrast and readability in Dark Mode. If the users want to enable Dark Mode, they can change the Chats Theme setting and select Dark option.

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