WhatsApp Will Now Facilitate Faster Image Uploads Thanks to This New Update

Indians will understand the pain of uploading images on WhatsApp while sending it to someone over a poor connection. To tackle this problem, the Facebook-owned company is supposedly rolling out a new update called ‘Predicted Uploads.’ Although the way that Predicted Upload works is quite complicated to understand, to say the least. The underlying concept of the feature is intuitive. To make the uploads time faster what WhatsApp will do is that it will start uploading the photos in the background as soon as you select them on your phone. The app assumes that the user is going to send the photos as it is, without any modification, so the app starts uploading the photo to the server.


However, if any change is made to the photo on the edit screen on the next step, then the previously uploaded photo will be deleted. What this does is, that it ensures that the images which are not being edited upload faster.

Also, it is worth noting that when users select the images to send to the recipient, WhatsApp doesn’t start pushing the image to the receiver immediately. Instead, the images are sent only to the WhatsApp server first, from where they are forwarded to the receiver only after the sender taps on the ‘Send’ button.

According to WABetaInfo, the popular blog which reveals the features of WhatsApp, the Predicted Upload feature has been pushed to WhatsApp on iOS (v2.18.61) and Android (v2.18.156). However, as per their information, Android users might have to wait a bit more to receive this update. WhatsApp is going to make this one a server-side update.

Users should also keep in mind that since this is a server-side update, there will be no straight way to tell whether or not the users have received this update or not. However, if you do not notice a lag between the selection and upload of the image, then there are chances that you might have gotten the update. According to WABetaInfo, one way to check might be to try and upload multiple images at the same time, if users see the upload animation while uploading the images, it’s less likely that they have received the update.

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Lakhan Rathod
June 22, 2018 1:08 pm 1:08 PM

Battary service nhi mile rahi hai

June 1, 2018 1:01 pm 1:01 PM

But why we can upload the complete video of songs or anything of 5 minute duration of video at the status directly always we share the video in the Half duration of 30 second?plz improve this in Whatsapp and also We want the Share the audio song at the status of Whatsapp plz add this content in your Whatsapp application.itz request.