Vodafone Intends to Bring Seamless Wi-Fi Connectivity to Enterprises with its SuperWiFi

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To help and transform Indian enterprise into ready businesses, Vodafone has introduced Vodafone SuperWiFi, the country’s first enterprise Wi-Fi network as a service by an Indian telecom operator.

Vodafone’s SuperWiFi is a fully managed Wi-Fi service for an enterprise that offers unified, high-speed and reliable wireless network access to employees, guests, and customers across their sites and locations with 24 x 7 remote monitoring and management. It also provides secure wireless connectivity to improve user experience and ensure greater flexibility and mobility for employees and guests.

In India, organisations are willing to provide a secure, high-speed, seamless wireless network experience to their employees and customers for the flexibility to remain connected on devices of their choice. “With business operations moving online on mobile devices, organisations are implementing different digital initiatives around customer engagement, marketing automation, and operational efficiency,” says Vodafone.

“High speed, low cost, managed Wi-Fi network is often at the foundation of such digital initiatives by small, medium and large organisations,” claims Vodafone.

The best part is that the Vodafone SuperWiFi can be quickly deployed by small, medium, and large enterprises across offices, educational campuses, retail stores, warehouses, factories, hospital, etc. Vodafone’s aim is to provide organisations with high-speed Wi-Fi network experience at minimal costs upfront and centralised control of network policy at various locations.

Anil Philip, Sr. Vice President, Products – Vodafone Business Services, said, “With Vodafone SuperWifi, business customers can expect unmatched scalability, flexibility, security and reliability from their Wi-Fi. Also, they have ensured a superior wireless experience, minus the challenges of purchasing, configuring, managing and upgrading that come with a typical non-managed Wi-Fi setup.”

Also, the Vodafone SuperWiFi service offers an online reporting and analytics portal, by which businesses can get Wi-Fi analytics on network performance, usage and applications to help companies take the right IT and marketing related decisions.

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