Vodafone Store executives misleading customers during MNP/NMNP process ? : Our Experience

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Didn’t like the services of your current operator and wanted to avail MNP?  Moved to a different state and wanted to avail NMNP? Planning to switch to Vodafone? Interested or want to stick with prepaid? Vodafone logo Be prepared, you may end up with some situations like below. 1. Experience with MNP : Delhi, Andrews Ganj Donor Operator : Airtel DL | Recipient Operator : Vodafone DL | Requested : Prepaid migration Refusing to port into to prepaid citing reasons – porting to prepaid is not possible but you can port into postpaid. Just wanted to reiterate/question –where on official statements and regulations is this point mentioned? Why are Vodafone store executives misleading customers and directly or indirectly forcing them to postpaid segment when a customer is not interested? Are the executives trained that way to gain huge postpaid base or is it individual interest ? 2. Experience with NMNP : Bengaluru, Kundalahalli gate Donor Operator : Idea Cellular AP | Recipient Operator : Vodafone KA | Requested : Prepaid migration Refusing to port into to prepaid segment citing reasons – National Mobile number portability to Vodafone prepaid at this time is not possible, only to postpaid segment is possible. Confirmation 1 with the executive : Are you sure that prepaid to prepaid is not possible? Yes, checked with our internal team, they confirmed it’s not possible. Confirmation 2 with the executive after 2 days : Yes, its not possible at this time, may be prepaid to prepaid porting will be facilitated by Vodafone later. What a user can conclude? Vodafone isn’t ready for providing NMNP – prepaid to prepaid and still marketing ? 3. Experience with NMNP , Corporate Category : Chennai, Infosys Campus Donor Operator : Vodafone AP | Recipient Operator : Vodafone  TN | Requested : Prepaid to Postpaid migration Citing reasons – NMNP activations are not happening successfully on Vodafone. It may take 20+ days and most of the cases are failure or rejected. So, please take a new connection. Why a new connection when service is available ? Just to make a new connection count and show up in the sales progress tracking ? If Vodafone stores give such an unpleasant experience, only option left to users who have time and cannot afford postpaid is to walk away from store and switch to a different operator who is happy to have them on their network on prepaid while users who can afford postpaid will switch and enjoy Vodafone services. Is this what Vodafone targeting? Other experiences shared by TT Readers : 1. Not providing prepaid connection citing prepaid SIM unavailability – When you are unable to facilitate the basic requirement of SIM provision at your stores whats the point in maintaining them? We just wonder what is Vodafone up to with situations like this happening at most of it’s stores and customers are complaining the same experience not at one place but from different circles. Dear readers, have you faced similar situations and how did you manage to deal with them? let us know via comments. *Note : Based on personal/friends/TT readers experiences. May or may not be the same with your case or in your circle. 

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