Vodafone Revamps GPRS Plans – Launches Long Validity GPRS Packs

Vodafone, has renovated its GPRS/Vodafone Mobile Connect offerings and also introduced 2 new long validity GPRS pack for its 2G prepaid subscriber in Haryana and some other telecom circles except Tamilnadu, Mumbai, Maharashtra-Goa  and UP East.

Vodafone’s 2G GPRS now comes with Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC) access where in customer can browse Internet in their mobile phone as well as in Laptop/PC by using mobile as modem. The new VMC packs comes with flexible benefits for prepaid customers who can now choose from an array of GPRS/VMC offerings at attractive rates starts from Rs.4 with daily 40 MB Free data usage.

Vodafone also launches long validity GPRS/VMC Packs for Rs.345 and Rs.645, valid for 180 days and 365 days which offers 9 GB and 18 GB Free Data usage respectively. The operator also renovated its existing GPRS/VMC offerings for those who wish to access GPRS services for limited period, can go for Rs.4, Rs.14 and Rs.55 and Rs.98, one to 30 days plan, offering free usage for up to 40 MB to 3 GB downloads respectively.

Vodafone GPRS Packs VMC Rs.4 VMC Rs.14 VMC Rs.55 VMC Rs.98 VMC Rs.345 VMC Rs.645
Free Data Usage 40 MB 150 MB 1.5 GB 3 GB 9 GB 18 GB
Validity 1 Day 3 Days 15 Days 30 Days 180 Days 365 Days
Beyond Free Usage Data Charges 10p / 10 KB

Note : In some telecom circles FREE DATA USAGE or Recharge Value of VMC may be different from above mention plans, So call 111 from your Vodafone to know about circles specific VMC Plans.

Usage charges are calculated on a 10KB pulse. That is, the charge will be calculated by rounding off the data usage to the nearest amount next to 10KB. For example, 16KB of usage will be treated as 20KB. Usage charges beyond free data will be 10p / 10KB.

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December 25, 2012 1:24 pm 1:24 PM

How to activate the daily pack?
to what number we should call?

December 11, 2011 9:10 am 9:10 AM

When there was slow speed, 2G packs were giving handsome usage. Now Usage is less and speed is more. At least service is of fine quality now.

Details of new packs (Haryana Circle Only):-

1. Rs.4 (40MB for 1 Day)

2. Rs.16 (150MB for 3 Days)

3. Rs.27 (300MB for 7 Days)

4. Rs.98 (1GB for 30 Days)

5. Rs.198 (3GB for 30 Days)

6. Rs.645 (18GB for 180 Days)

Rs.55 and Rs.345 pack withdrawn and validity of Rs.645 reduced from 1 year to 180 days.

September 18, 2011 10:50 am 10:50 AM

*126*1# in delhi circle

September 18, 2011 12:30 am 12:30 AM

can nybody tell me how to check remaining data usage in haryana circle.
P.S. 1) *149#, USE to 144, DATAU to 144, VMC to 144, GPRS to 144 dont work.
2) i’ve activated Rs.98 (3gb) plan

August 16, 2011 11:35 am 11:35 AM

Hey Vodafone FRAUDSTERS, why the f*** is this pack not available in Mumbai? Can’t you do business without any discrimination? Doesn’t your food digest if you don’t create divide or discrimination against people of India? Why are you still struck in the British Raj mentality of Divide and Rule? Only when Indian customers chuck you out of India will you become proper? F*** You Vodafone M*******!!!!!!!

August 16, 2011 9:48 am 9:48 AM

Hello Nihas,

Thanks for writing to us with your concern. Please refer to
http://www.vodafone.in/support/pages/vodafonelive_help.aspx for more info. For any other assistance please share your number with us at http://bit.ly/hzNUch we’ll get back to you at the earliest.

Vodafone Customer Care

August 13, 2011 11:36 am 11:36 AM


Please tel me GPRS offer Goa city

Vodafone India
July 15, 2011 1:02 pm 1:02 PM

Hello Riyu,

Thanks for writing to us. We are sorry for the inconvenience faced. Please share your number with us at http://bit.ly/eaJcv0 we’ll get back to you with assistance at the earliest.

Vodafone Customer Care.

Vodafone India
July 15, 2011 1:01 pm 1:01 PM

Hello Vanya,

Thanks for writing to us. We are sorry for the inconvenience faced. Please share your number with us at http://bit.ly/rubgrY we’ll get back to you with assistance at the earliest.

Vodafone Customer Care.

July 15, 2011 11:48 am 11:48 AM

This long Validity gprs Plans available in Vodafone Gujarat Circle ? if yes send Lauching Date.


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