Vodafone and Nokia Launch Solution to Resolve Network Issues

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Vodafone along with the Finnish telecom gear maker Nokia has launched a new solution that will be able to detect any problems in the network and resolve it before it affects the end consumer. The new solution is powered by machine learning (ML) and will be running on Google Cloud. The solution/service is based on Nokia Bell Labs technology and was developed only after both the companies signed an agreement back in 2020.

Vodafone Expects 80% of Anomalies to Resolve With This New Solution

With the help of this new service, Vodafone expects that 80% of the issues that occur on its networks will be solved automatically. This will keep the network capacity demand in check and will allow the end-users to get better network services.

This new service will be rolled out for Vodafone’s PAN-European network. If there are mobile site congestions or any irregularities in the network, this new product from Nokia and Vodafone will troubleshoot it automatically to resolve it in no time.

Initially, the product has been installed in over 60,000 4G sites of Italy, and it will reach more European markets by early 2022. According to a release from the company, anomaly detection will be offered ‘as-a-service’, and it will also help Vodafone with its 5G networks.

Leveraging ML with this new product, Vodafone will be able to deliver an overall better 5G experience to the users. Moreover, the telco will be able to stay more consistent with its network services.

The reason why Vodafone and Nokia went with Google’s Cloud services was to allow the telco’s engineers to make quick decisions, including boosting network capacity whenever and whenever required based on the data and analytics that Google Cloud provides.

This is certainly a solution that even other companies can deploy and improve their network performance. However, only time will tell just how efficient this solution from the two companies is!

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