Vodafone Idea and Nokia Deploys Largest MIMO and DSR Technology in India

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Vodafone Idea and Nokia have finished the first phase of deploying the world's largest Dynamic Spectrum Reframing in India. Not only this, but the companies have also deployed the largest massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (maMIMO) installation in India. The deployment of Dynamic Spectrum Reframing will help Vodafone Idea to use spectrum assets effectively and efficiently which will further help the telco to increase its network coverage in India and give fierce competition to Reliance Jio which is the largest telecom operator in India.

Nokia has Deployed 5,500 TD-LTE maMIMO Cells

As reported by ET Telecom, Nokia under the Single Radio Access Networks (SRAN) contract has deployed around 5,500 TD-LTE maMIMO cells in the 2500 Mhz spectrum. The maMIMO cells have been deployed in 8 circles which are Kolkata, Mumbai, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (East and West), Rest of Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. The move by Nokia will help the telco giant to increase its network speed and offer seamless connectivity to subscribers. Vishant Vora who is the CTO of Vodafone Idea stated that the telco's investment in maMIMO Technology had been a great aid in offering seamless connectivity in lockdown period as the demand for data and voice services has increased drastically, and network towers have witnessed overload due to the added pressure. Due to the lockdown period, the demand for data services has increased by around 20 %. Sanjay Malik who is the Senior Vice President and Head of India, Nokia also stated that the deployment of DSR and maMIMO Technology would help Vodafone Idea enhance its network capacity and enhance the experience of its customers in India.

Deployment of DSR and maMIMO Will Facilitate 5G Technology

As per the Nokia MBiT Index 2020 reveals that the demand for data services has increased extensively in India. Nokia's DSR technology which has been deployed is extremely flexible and automated, which will allow the telco to adapt to dynamic and evolving traffic patterns. Not only this, but the deployment of maMIMO Technology will also help Vodafone Idea to transition to 5G Technology in future.

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