Vodafone launches App Corner to help first time smartphone users, a move to increase data consumption?

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vodafone-app-cornerVodafone Qatar has launched App Corner, a service to help users choose the best App for their devices. The store is launched at its stores and online at Vodafone Qatar's website.

Vodafone’s Apps Corner provide information about essential Apps for any smartphone such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube and more. The App Corner also provides 5 favourite apps as recommendation from Vodafone Innovation Team every month. App corner has detailed user guides for the first time users to get to know App stores like Google Play, Windows Store and Blackberry world. The service helps users familiarize with Apps store's on their new devices.

"At Vodafone, we wanted to make access to mobile Apps super easy, fun and convenient and this is why we have introduced Vodafone’s Apps Corner. We’ve also made sure to make it available online so that people can access it anytime, anywhere; so if it’s a Sports App, a Health App, a Fashion App or a News App that they’re looking for, we have made it ready and at arm’s reach”, said Jonathan Donovan, Head of Online at Vodafone Qatar.

In Qatar, 92% of the household has a smartphone and 62% of the household has a tablet. This is figures are much higher than developed countries like US, UK, Germany and other European countries. Vodafone wants to leverage this by increasing data usage of mobile applications.

Vodafone tactics to increase data usage?

The App Corner service is targeted towards first-time smartphone users to help them choose the right app for their devices. But Vodafone is using this strategy to increase mobile data usage of these first-time users by introducing them to popular Apps. Vodafone is using Qatar as a testing bed for App Corner service and may soon launch a similar service in other emerging data markets like India.

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