Users Around The World To Test IPv6 Protocol

Users Around the World to Test IPv6 ProtocolToday is World IPv6 Day people around the world have been eagerly waiting to try the new Internet addressing system, which is called Internet Protocol version 6, or IPv6.

It is expected that many users will take advantage of the Internet Society’s World IPv6 Day “test flight,” which begins today at 8 p.m.

Big companies have already made preparations to handle the increased traffic and to answer customers’ questions.

The current Internet addressing system Internet Protocol version 4 which has been in place since the 1980s, eventually will be replaced by the new Internet protocol version 6 because the pool of IPv4 addresses is nearly depleted.

The new IPv6 addressing system will expand the number of possible addresses from approximately 4 billion with IPv4 to roughly 340 trillion trillion trillion IPv6 addresses.

During the 24-hour test period, users with IPv6 connectivity to the Internet will be able to connect to IPv6-enabled websites as well as the ISOC test site to test their IPv6 hardware, software and operating systems.

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June 9, 2011 12:52 am 12:52 AM
India has planned a task force that will take up all IPv6 related issues on priority basis. In the long term all activities of the task force will be taken over by a proposed Indian IPv6 Center for Innovation. The Task Force can be wound up after the Indian IPv6 Center for Innovation has acquired enough capabilities to carry on the unfinished work. The proposed task force will be headed by telecom secretary and will meet every four months.The apex body of the task force will be responsible for taking policy decisions and will be responsible for guiding the task… Read more »
June 9, 2011 12:46 am 12:46 AM
If you experienced a slower internet download speed on Wednesday, it was due to the worldwide test trial of the new web protocol IPv6 to continue till Thursday morning. The World IPv6 day, saw about 400 websites such as Yahoo, Google Search, YouTube, Facebook which experimented with the upcoming protocol for 24 hours. The current protocol IPv4 has exhausted IP addresses, with new consumers and devices getting connected to web everyday. Called as IPv6 for short, the new protocol will replace the existing protocol version 4 (called as IPv4). The new method of routing traffic is being adopted to incorporate… Read more »
June 8, 2011 7:49 pm 7:49 PM
Pranay : There will be no problems for any 1. Us has got class a and b reserved for themselves. Bcoz of which each user has its own unique ip address. Asia got class c and africa the remaining. Thats why we are using dynamic ip addressing. The whole ipv6 is so big that if all the devices on earth are connected to internet each one device will have its own unique ip address. But if govt of india has a stand on catching piracy just like in us where people are warned if they download any pirated stuff and… Read more »