TT Digest: Huawei, Samsung vs Nokia, Aakash Tablet

By January 5th, 2012 AT 4:08 PM

Huawei’s Own branded Data cards & WiFi Router

Huawei has been geared up to capture Indian device market. I use ‘device’ as they already launched a tablet, two Cloud based Android powered smartphones and a feature phone in November 2011.

Huawei has an eminent presence in the field of CDMA handsets, 3G & EVDO data cards, but mostly the devices are sold via operators. Now Huawei launches factory unlocked (operator agonist) 3G/HSPA data card and a pocket WiFi router at Rs 1800-1900 and Rs 5000 around respectively.

Though I like that Huawei atlast come to open market, which is crowded with Micromax, Lava, ZTE (under Beetel branding) & others but at this price Huawei open market devices can not attract me. Operator locked devices of same specs are available in market at lower price, and unlocking is easy and free in most of the cases. So why should I pay a little extra?

Rise of Samsung: Nokia Trying Hard but nothing happening

Samsung is turning to be arch-rival for top mobile handset companies. After it hits Apple in US with their catchy commercials – ‘The Next Best Thing is Already Here’ Samsung brings the warfront to India. For Samsung India is a crucial market, Galaxy S II arrived India before US launch and at a lower price.

Samsung currently most aggressive player in handset market flooding each price bracket with multiple solutions with Android or Java feature phone. When Nokia came up with Lumia800 Samsung starts its ambush marketing for Omnia W. Feature wise Omnia W is almost similar to Lumia 800 except Omnia has front camera and 8 GB internal memory while Lumia800 has 16 GB internal storage and no front camera.

Omnia W (20K) comes at a price around 10K less than Lumia 800 (30K). Why should I pay more for almost equivalent phone from Nokia?

From my personal experience Samsung improves its after sales services at a greater level, along with its mainstream product servicing line.With Android portfolio Samsung bets high on smartphone arena.

Samsung’s cheapest Android phone Galaxy Y comes with 832MHz processor, Android 2.3.6 and at price of 7500 INR. They are also gearing up to enter dual SIM smartphone market with dual SIM Androids. Any place from Nokia? I do not think so! Nokia cannot bring WindowsPhone 7 with dual SIM support at this price and Symbian is counting death due to Nokia’s policy to go with Windows Phone.

Aakash tablet – Why Should We Stay Away?

Aakash tablet – Why Should We Stay Away

Price barrier breaker Aakash tablet, for me is a big no-no! First of all it is already late-arrived, and tablet market is evolved a lot. A slight late and Adam Ink slipped out. Aakash is at the same time too much low featured. A mere 350 MHz processor will not help any student to work on it.

A lagged processor and resistive touch will give almost no pleasure to any students except the Govt of India tag and the pricing. Those pre-booked the Aakash will find themselves in quite trouble to use it effectively when it will arrive at their doorsteps.Aakash has no GPRS connectivity, but Wifi is there.

But in Wifi market is still under developed in India. How many of you can suggest free WiFi services over the country? This problem is not only for rural area, but also for urban & metro areas. Big thumbs down!


Also DataWind, the Canadian company behind Aakash or UbiSlate has no presence for after sales services of their tablets.

Aakash 2 or UbiSlate 7+ comes with some upgrades but it is also sold out, and I am not still bought off. Sales figure may say it is hit, but without a review it would be foolish to buy a tablet while Blackberry & Motorola show massive price cut on their tablets.

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