Total MNP request as of March 2014 is 117.01 Million, Maximum Requests from Rajasthan and Gujarat :TRAI

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As per the TRAI data as of March 2014 about 117.01 Million subscribers have submitted their request to different service providers for porting their mobile numbers. Rajasthan and Gujarat has received Maximum number of porting requests .

In south zone the maximum request have been received in Karnataka above 13.37 million followed by A.P with 10.79 million requests.


VLR Data:

Idea Leads in the tally with 101.53% followed by Reliance and Airtel . Lopp has the lowest proportion of VLR with 49.06%. West Bengal has the highest proportion of VLR subscribers with 93.88% followed by Assam 92.98% and MP.

VLR is temporary database of subscribers who have roamed into the particular area which it serves . Each base station in the network is served by exactly one VLR, hence a subscriber cannot be present in more than on VLR.

TN including chennai has the lowest VLR proportion with 75.99%

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