Telekom Trials New Mobile Tower Tech and Hydrogen Power at Nibirii Fest

Telekom tests new mobile tech, including a compact transmission tower and hydrogen fuel cells for eco-friendly power supply, at the Nibirii Festival in Duren.


  • Compact, swift-deployment mobile tower supports 5G and LTE.
  • Hydrogen fuel cell replaces diesel generators for eco-friendly electricity.
  • Small cell on stage ensures seamless connectivity for first-row attendees.

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telekom trials new mobile tower tech hydrogen
At the recently concluded Nibirii Festival in Duren, Telekom Deutschland tested several mobile phone technologies, including a new mobile transmission tower and the use of a hydrogen fuel cell for electricity supply. Telekom said it introduced a significantly smaller, lighter, and more flexible mobile transmission tower for the first time, providing temporary mobile coverage at the festival site.

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New Mobile Transmission Tower

Telekom reported using a new type of mobile transmission tower at the festival. This tower is smaller, lighter, and more flexible than its predecessors, easily transportable and set up by a single person in just 20 minutes. It supports 5G and LTE, with the capability to extend its antennas up to a height of eight meters. This facilitates rapid deployment of mobile communications in crucial locations, such as festivals and disaster areas.

"We are using a new innovative type of mobile phone coverage at this festival. Two of our employees developed this mast themselves. In Duren, it is now going into live operation. This gives festival visitors the opportunity to use the best network at any time to share the special moments with others," explained Telekom Deutschland.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Power Supply

"At the Nibirii Festival at the bathing lake in Duren, the diesel generator will be replaced, which otherwise needs about 35 to 40 liters per day," stated Telekom Deutschland.

Instead of using a diesel generator for temporary mobile communications, Telekom has used a hydrogen fuel cell as an electricity supplier for the first time at the Nibirii Festival. The hydrogen fuel cell generates electric current, and the hydrogen used is produced in a CO2-neutral manner from water. This marks the first time a mobile base station is operated entirely with green hydrogen from a fuel cell.

According to Telekom Deutschland, SFC Energy, based in Munich, is the partner responsible for the hydrogen fuel cell. Telekom said this environmentally friendly alternative replaces the conventional diesel generator and provides power for the largest mobile mast during the festival, which serves approximately 30,000 guests with LTE and 5G coverage.

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Mobile Communications Supply

Telekom Deutschland reported that the mobile base station powered by the hydrogen fuel cell remained in continuous operation for 14 days, supplying power to the festival's communication needs before being dismantled on August 28th. This project aims to provide ad hoc mobile communication supply based on green energy, especially in emergency situations like the failure of Telekom locations, fires, floods, and outdoor events like festivals and trade fairs.

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Small Cell for Stage Reinforcement

Telekom also deployed a small cell directly on stage to enhance mobile phone signals. This small antenna amplifies signals selectively, ensuring that attendees in the first row can capture and share their festival experiences with others seamlessly.

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