Telegram Rolls Out New Update with Support for Channel Comments and More

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Telegram, the cloud-based multi-platform messenger app on Thursday introduced a new update with features such as search filter and channel comments. The company also said that the update also includes the ability to support anonymous group admins and that “few more” features will also be made available to the users. Telegram said that the update is intended in enabling the group and channel admins to “make their forums interactive and safer than before.” Further, it was said that the features introduced in the update will enable the users and groups to easily manage the shared content.

Search Filter to Aid Users in Searching for Specific Messages

The company said that the search filter now introduced on the platform enables users to search for specific messages categorized into six different tabs including chats, media, links, files, music and voice messages.

“Users can now search for any specific message in regards to a particular time period, a person, a Group, a Channel, or a Bot and the app will add a filter by source of the message,” Telegram said in a release. “For example, “John” + “15th August” to find a specific media link shared by John on that specific day.”

The channel comments feature also introduced on the update is said to enable users to post comments on channels turning it “more interactive.” The Telegram channels earlier limited users from voicing their opinions, however, the users can now add voice messages, stickers or even add GIFs to posts.

“These comments can be further limited by the admins to keep the civil code of conduct intact amongst participants,” Telegram said in the release.

Channel Comments Limited to Discussion Groups on Telegram Channel

The company also highlighted that the channel comments feature are only limited to channels where a separate discussion group is linked within the channel.

“Users are re-directed to a separate group where they can see and reply to the comments made by their fellow members, and moreover it becomes easier for the admins to manage,” Telegram said in the release.

Further, the anonymous group admin feature is said to enable admins to turn anonymous within a group. The feature was earlier applicable on Telegram Channels and is now said to be rolling out to Telegram groups.

Telegram has consistently rolled out new features in the past few months. In June, Telegram introduced a two-step verification feature to protect the app data. Further, the company also introduced profile videos and unlimited file sharing up to 2GB per file through an update in July.

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