Telcordia Receives Green Signal from Home Ministry to Implement MNP

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Telcordia the prospective Mobile Number Portability firm getting clearance from the Indian Home Ministry to start its MNP operations in the country. The MNP shall allow mobile subscribers to retain their existing mobile number when they switch from one access service provider to another irrespective of mobile technology or from one technology to another of the same or any other access service provider within same service area.

Switching existing mobile operators to the new operator without changing mobile numbers may become possible from May-2010 , with Telcordia, the US-based telecom solution vendor that was selected by the Department of Telecom (DoT) to be one of the firms to make Mobile Number Portability possible, had hit a security issue owing to its operations in Pakistan.

At the last Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB)FIPB meeting, the home ministry is learnt to have given clearance to the company with some riders that mandated Telecordia USA to furnish credible information about its exact role in Pakistan — whether it was just a vendor or did it also enable MNP in that country.

Richard Jacowleff, Chairman Designate, MNP Interconnection Telecom Solutions Pvt Ltd and President, Interconnection Solutions, Telcordia, said, “We are extremely excited to be part of the new era of communications in India. Number portability will accelerate the evolution of advanced communications services and gives operators an easier way to differentiate themselves to attract and retain customers. India is a unique country in terms of communications growth and opportunity, and Telcordia and MNP Interconnection have the expertise required for implementing a scalable, flexible and highly reliable number portability solution.”

The country was divided in two zones and licenses were issued to one MNP operator in each zone. The operators in the two zones of the country were to provide centralised database, query response and clearing house to enable correct routing and termination of calls by access-service providers and ILD operators post MNP implementation.

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