Telcordia India’s MNP Portal Gets Hacked

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MNP Portal Gets HackedThe whole Nation is obsessed with Mobile Number Portability(MNP) and Every Operator is trying their Innovative campaigns to get new subscribers.

Before the completion of  Launch week of MNP in India, Telecordia India, the Company which holds the License for MNP Implementation in India(few Circles) has been targeted by a group of hackers/hacker who has managed to Crack and Inject Telcordia's Corporate Web Pages on MNP with a set of "Hacked" messages and popups.

Though the WebPage is not Entirely Affected, Hackers have managed to  drop in their "Hacked by" messages in HomePage and also on other secondary pages. The Affected Website URL is

By the time, we published this Article the Website looked like this.

We are looking for more details on the type of hack which has occurred.  Though the Hack on this Portal is not so Critical as it is purely a information Oriented Corporate webpage, definitely it leaves a bad remark for the Mobile Users across nation about the MNP System's security and quality of their work.

We hope the MNP system which is Implemented nation wide is Robust and shall not breakdown unlike its very own webpage  Looking forward for  Telcordia India to fix this MNP Portal Issue as soon as possible!

We would like to hear from our Readers, if they were successfully able to port their numbers, Or any sort of MNP issues / feedbacks which you would like to share with us!

Thanks to Bennison Jeyakar for the tip.

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