Tata Indicom’s ULTA Plan TV ad, A Reverse Marketing Strategy?

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Tata Indicom's ULTA Plan TV ad, A Reverse Marketing StrategyMehangai (Inflation) we can find Price Raise everywhere the Reason why we are discussing on price raise (Mehangai) here on TelecomTalk is due to a Recent Commercial released by Tata Indicom promoting on its Newest plan called "ULTA Plan".

Tata Indicom has tried to teach its customers with an unique rather "Crazy" own way by introducing first of its kind,  ULTA plan where the STD call Rates are Cheaper(30p/min)  than Local Call Rates(50p/min).

You can learn more about this ULTA plan in this post Tata Indicom Introduces ULTA PLAN

Bringing our focus on Ulta Plan TV ad, few things have to be highlighted the Video mainly talks about price raise how things go costly with the demands of man the 40 second Video starts with a Common Man talking about the Fare he has to pay for a Journey initially, The Ad talks about the kind of Transport mode and its Tariff.

The man compares hand pulled rickshaw with cycle rickshaw, cycle rickshaw with auto rickshaw, auto rickshaw with taxi and so on. Giving a Clear Statements if You want something "Good" you need to pay really "well".

The Neatly flowing video suddenly takes a diversion! with Tata Indicom's ULTA plan you can make STD calls at lower rates than that of Local Calls! You Pay Just 30p/min for STD Calls and 50p/min for Local Calls. Disproving the "Mehangai" logic!

We felt the Ad is made to grab the people's attraction very OPENLY and quickly.It's just like "surprising" the audience saying something "out of the Box" or saying something which makes the audience to get a feel like "No-Sense, How can STD rates go down than Local" etc.

The Ad's theme dates back to Hand Rickshaw's Era and suddenly talks about the Mobile's local and STD calls which again sounds weird.

Are our Telecos lost their "Balance" and declaring the Offers whatever they feel like? One such TV ad which we Came across this kind of "Exciting Ads" recently is Vodafone's Parrot ad Promoting its 4 Rupees Plan where The Parrot talks everything ULTA.

Dear Subscribers, it is upto you to think on How serious are our Telecom Operators? What's your Take on Teleco's All-of-a-sudden ULTA plans and ULTA offers?

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