Tata DoCoMo revises tariff and data validity of internet packs in Gujarat circle

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Tata DoCoMo has reduced the validity and changed the tariffs of few of the internet data packs in Gujarat circle. The company has 3G presence in the category A of the circle.


Earlier, 1GB of 3G data with a validity of 7 days was available for Rs. 99. The validity of this pack is currently revised to 4 days, keeping the data benefits unchanged. The earlier 1GB of 2G data pack, which was priced at Rs. 126 now offers 750MB of 2G data for 28 days.

The price of 1.25GB of 2G data pack, which was earlier available at Rs. 149, has now been revised to Rs. 169, a new pack. The validity remains the same at 28 days. The Rs.149 pack will now offer only 1GB of 2G data for 28 days. There is a Rs. 249 data pack, which now offers 2GB of 2G data for 28 days. Prior to this change, the Rs. 249 pack provided the benefit of 3GB of 2G data. Below is the table depicting the changes at a glance:

Details of Revised Tata  Docomo Data Packs of Gujarat
Price Old Benefits New Benefits Changes
Rs 99 1 GB 3G data for 7 days 1 GB 3G data for 4 days Validity reduced
Rs 126 1 GB  2G data for 28 days 750 MB 2G data for 28 days Data Benefits reduced
Rs 149 1.25 GB 2G data for 28 days 1 GB  2G data for 28 days Data Benefits reduced
Rs 169 New Pack 1.25 GB 2G data for 28 days
Rs 249 3 GB  2G data for 28 days 2 GB  2G data for 28 days Data Benefits reduced
Do Check with Tata Docomo before making any recharge.

Note: Please contact the customer care and confirm the changes prior to recharging

This tariff and validity reduction will affect most of the customers, especially the people who use 1GB packs and 2G data. Considering the tariffs of other operators like Idea Cellular, which offers 1 GB 3G at an average of Rs.150-180 via special offers, Tata DoCoMo’s new pricing would be expensive. This revision may prompt the subscribers to port their numbers to bigger players who has larger presence across the circle.

After Videocon's exit from the market and lower voice offerings putting pressures on smaller operators, Telenor lost thousands of customers in May this year. In a market like Gujarat, where the customers are moving to better data networks, it’s unclear of how Tata DoCoMo would sustain with a higher data rates. The latest TRAI subscription data shows that the company has about 28 lakhs of customers at the end of April in that market.

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