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TATA DOCOMO the GSM Service of Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited today announced the launch of its service in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Goa telecom circle also announced the brand theme for its  GSM Mobile service “Inspiring people to do” and unveiled the “Do-ers” who embody and champion this.

Tata Docomo brand promotion in Mumbai by Bus, steered by VJ Ranvijay, Pantaloons Femina Miss Indias Pooja Chopa (World’09), Mount Everest conqueror Krushna Patil of Pune,Shriya Kishore (Earth 09) and Collection G Miss Golden Heart Ishita Sarkar
Tata DoCoMo Bus with VJ Ranvijay, Pooja Chopa (World’09),Krushna Patil,Shriya Kishore, Ishita Sarkar

Ms. Pooja Chopra, Femina Miss India World 2009, and Ms. Krushnaa Patil, the youngest Maharashtrian girl to conquer Mount Everest, are DO-ERs in their own right. These young achievers are personifications of the TATA DOCOMO brand philosophy. They epitomize the idea of achieving their dreams and setting examples for generations to come. They dared, not only to dream, but also to seek success by persevering against all odds and emerging as winners.

Applauding the young DO-ERs, Abdul Khan, Head- TATA DOCOMO Marketing and Advisor to MD, Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited, said, “TATA DOCOMO is a young and energetic challenger brand. It extols each one of us to believe in our abilities in making our dreams come true. Today, India belongs to the young and the success India is witnessing on the global stage can be attributed to the DO-ER spirit of the young.

TATA DOCOMO celebrates that spirit and believes if you can dream it, you can do it. Pooja Chopra and Krushnaa Patil are living personas of the DO-ER spirit and it is only their unrelenting faith and their zeal to re-create boundaries that has seen them emerge as winners.” Speaking on the occasion, Pooja Chopra, Femina Miss India World, said, “David Jordan, the famous American educator once said, “Wisdom is to know what to DO, skill is to knowhow to DO, but virtue is just doing it. When we believe, something can be done; our mind finds ways to do it.” ‘Do’ to me means indulging in action.

There are a lot of people who think, a lot of people who set their goals, but there are very limited people who follow the path to achieve their goals, their promise to do something which can change the world!”

The strong-willed Krushnaa Patil said, “To me, the word DO signifies an attitude of dreaming big and having the courage to fulfill those dreams. To DO is to conquer all fears, overcome all obstacles and emerge a winner. Only those who dare to do something can ever aspire to achieve the pinnacle of success.”

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