January 17th, 2022 9:41 PM 2 COMMENTS

Do You Need More 5G Bands on Your Smartphone? Absolutely Not!

There are many consumers who are unhappy with the fact that their 5G smartphone supports less than five or, on certain occasions, a single 5G band. For the unaware, 5G services would be rolled out using a dynamic range of the spectrum, which would for the first time include mobile services rollout with C-band spectrum (3.3-3.6 GHz) and mmWave (26 GHz and 28 GHz) spectrum band. 5G speeds and use... Read More

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C-Band 5G Spectrum an Issue for Broadcasters in India

C-band spectrum has become a topic of hot discussion for 5G. It is because it has been claimed by various bodies, including aviation as well as broadcasters, to interfere with their respective services. The broadcasters are not happy with the interference that the C-band 5G has caused in the last year since the 5G trials kicked off in India. Airwaves in the 526-698 MHz, 700 MHz, 900 MHz, and so... Read More

January 15th, 2022 5:40 PM 5 COMMENTS

5G in India – Are we ready?

By - Mr Verghese and Mr Warrier, Partners at JSA, Advocates & Solicitors India’s 5G journey has witnessed it all – from conspiracy theories that COVID-19 is a cover-up for the deployment of 5G to a bizarre instance of High Court proceedings being interrupted by an enthusiastic Bollywood fan. While more than 30% of the world’s nations have already implemented 5G commercially (South Korea being the first nation to do... Read More

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5G Safe to Co-Exist With Aviation in India: COAI

5G networks would require spectrum in high-frequency bands. There are concerns, not just in India, whether sub-6 GHz frequencies would be safe to be used for 5G services. On a similar note, the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) said that the issue of spectrum interference raised by the Federation of Indian Pilots is uncorroborated. The industry body said that there is enough gap in the transmission of frequencies that... Read More

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TRAI Will Suggest How 5G Spectrum Will be Allocated in India

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) will take the final call on how the 5G spectrum will be allocated to the relevant firms in India. With 5G, the role of private networks would enhance, and thus non-telecom firms will be very interested in getting their hands on the 5G spectrum. The telcos and non-telecom companies have a varied view on how the spectrum should be allocated for 5G networks.... Read More

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5G Buffer Zones Will be Created in 50 Airports

The United States (US) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), on Friday, disclosed a list of 50 US airports that will have buffer zones for 5G. For the unaware, 5G services using the C-band spectrum has been looked down upon by the FAA and other aviation bodies in the US because it poses problems for sensitive electronic equipment inside the aircraft, which can disrupt communication as well as visibility for the pilots.... Read More

January 5th, 2022 5:49 PM 1 COMMENTS

DoT to Meet Relevant Authorities for Fast Tracking 5G Spectrum Auctions

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is soon going to meet relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), and the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The purpose of this meeting would be to sort out the final details on the 5G spectrum. All of the above-mentioned ministries and organisations hold some part of the airwaves that the telcos would... Read More

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5G Delay Won’t Happen in U.S. Despite Aviation Safety Concerns

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as well as the United States (U.S.) Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg had asked the telecom operators to delay the deployment of commercial 5G services using C-band spectrum for no more than two weeks. But the U.S. telecom operators have denied the request. As per Reuters, AT&T and Verizon, two of the biggest telecom operators in the U.S. have rejected the request for a delay to... Read More

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Russian Telecom Operators Deploying 5G NSA: Moscow Govt Minister

Moscow DIT has created Russia's first 5G laboratory for solving urban problems. This is a unique platform on the basis of which any company, from startups to already mature organisations, can test their solutions for free and demonstrate them to the city, says Eduard Lysenko, Moscow City Government Minister. 1) What Percentage of Russia Is Already Exposed to the Power of 5G Networks? — Russia has not yet started the... Read More

January 1st, 2022 12:00 AM 4 COMMENTS

Understanding 5G in India in 2022

5G or the fifth-generation network technology is soon going to be a part of India. Upon the dawn of 2022, it is important that everyone who is inclined towards a digital way of living life understand what 5G is. While many know that 5G is a network technology and it will be an upgrade over 4G, it is also important to know why and how is it an upgrade. 5G... Read More

December 31st, 2021 3:02 PM 2 COMMENTS

4G Networks in India Still Important to Focus in 2022

4G is going to be earning the maximum revenues for the telcos in 2022 as well. All the private telcos in the country have already been able to reach almost every part of India with their 4G services. While 5G is going to launch in 2022, 4G is still going to make the biggest difference in a consumer’s life. In the coming years, the relevance of 4G would reduce, but... Read More

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COAI Supports Use of Street Furniture to Deploy 5G Small Cells

The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has said that it supports the use of street furniture to deploy small cells. According to Lt. Gen. Dr SP Kochhar, Director General, COAI, a key driver in 5G deployment would be the deployment of small cells. Small cells are essential to upgrade and expand the existing 4G networks in India. In line with the same, COAI, along with the members of the... Read More

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