Syv Advances 4G, 5G Network Upgrades in Finland During Aug-Sep

Syv is actively expanding the high-speed 5G network across several Finnish regions. This network expansion aims to elevate the quality of connections for both residents and businesses.


  • 5G technology empowers smaller businesses with comprehensive solutions.
  • Construction set to commence on August 22, with completion by September 29, 2023.
  • Minimizing service interruptions remains a priority.

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Syv Advances 4G, 5G Network Upgrades in Finland During Aug-Sep
Finland's Suomen Yhteisverkko (Syv), jointly owned by Telia and DNA, continues its expansion of the high-speed 5G network presence during the months of August and September. Telia has announced that the network expansion and upgradation efforts will include the regions of Kemi, Keminmaa, Simon, Tornio, Kuopio, Lapinlahti, and Siilinjarvi. As a result of these deployments, not only will 5G connections be augmented, but 4G connections will also witness an enhancement.

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Network Expansion and Upgrades

Telia stated that the expansion of the 5G network will enhance connectivity quality, enriching the lives of local residents and businesses. Telia noted, "In Finland too, there is still a lot to do in order to get equal connections everywhere."

Private 5G Networks

According to Telia, large companies can build private 5G networks with low latency, guaranteed capacity, and a closed network for secure real-time usage. In areas with high 5G frequency, fixed 5G offers fibre like internet for offices with guaranteed capacity. In Smaller companies, 5G can be used to build a complete telecom infrastructure on top of mobile connections, serving all needs - mobile work, office, home, backup connection and connection sharing - with a single high-speed connection.

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Expansion Details

The construction work is set to commence on August 22, with the anticipated completion of base station replacements by September 29, 2023. The extension of the 5G network is targeted in specific areas of Tornio, Keminmaa, Kemi, Simo, Kuopio, Lapinlahti, and Siilinjarvi.

Telia Finland noted that during these upgrades, short service interruptions may arise due to the changing of base stations. These updates could result in temporary local service disruptions for DNA and Telia's mobile communication services, lasting no longer than a single working day.

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Telia stated that the aim is to keep service interruptions as short as possible, minimizing any inconvenience to residents and businesses in the areas.

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