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Now get latest TelecomTalk news updates through short text messages (sms) on your mobile phone and stay connected with us. To subscribe to our SMS channel just follow any of the following methods.

1. Using Mobile Phone : To subscribe using your phone,

Send the following SMS to 9870807070 ON telecom-talk

Example ON telecom-talk to 9870807070

You will receive a confirmation message and the last message posted on the channel to confirm your subscription.

* To unsubscribe using your phone

Send the following SMS to 9870807070 to unsubscribe :OFF telecom-talk ( We hope you don’t do it)

Example OFF telecom-talk to 9870807070

2. Using Computer:

Visit :

Advanced Options :

Using Computer:You can specify the maximum number of messages along with the time interval when you wish to receive them in a day.To specify these on the website, click the Settings link.

Using Mobile Phone

To do so using your phone, SMS ‘”PREF “‘ to 9870807070 to be specified in hh:mm:am(or pm)format.

For example, to limit the number of messages to 3 per day and to only receive them between 10:00am and 6:00pm, send the following SMS to 9870807070:PREF 3 10:00:am 6:00:pm

If the number of messages posted across your subscribed channels exceeds the maximum limit, you’ll receive an alert along with instructions to retrieve the extra messages.

So what are you waiting for subscribe to our sms channel and get news on the move

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