Sony Xperia Z3 will be powered by Snapdragon 805 processor

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We already know that almost every brand manufacturing Android smartphones have moved on to the strategy of half-yearly upgrade cycle for their flagship smartphones. Sony was the first to publicly confirm to this plan. The Sony Xperia Z2 has went on sale this month and the leaks about its next flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z3 have already started. According to the first ever Xperia Z3 leak, looks like it will be powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor and will continue to include a metal frame in its body.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 comes with Krait 450 CPU cores and Adreno 420 GPU. AnandTech have already tested the Snapdragon 805 and compared it to the Snapdragon 801 processor chipset. According to their observations, the Snapdragon 805 is only 6-10% faster in CPU performance when compared to Snapdragon 801. But the real change seems to be in the GPU. The new Adreno 420 GPU seems to be 30-40% faster than the Adreno 330 GPU used in current generation flagship smartphones like LG G Pro 2, Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8. Are you excited about the Xperia Z3?

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