Sneak Peak Into Airtel Windows Mobile 5.0

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Sneak Peak Into Airtel Windows Mobile 5Bharti Airtel has taken Windows Mobile 5 platform which extends the windows and Office experience to mobile devices, helping one to  maximise the time  to  stay in touch with 'what' and 'who' matters.

Windows mobile helps users to connect with with people or can also avail  information using once choice of using windows mobile based devices such as Smartphone and Pocket PC Phones.

Airtel windows  mobile service is compatible with devices like HP ipaq rw6828,ipaq rw 6818,ipaq hw 6965.IMATE Smart Flip,SPL,SP5/SP5M,Jam In,K Jam.
The subscription charges are as follows:

Plan I Plan II Surf Unlimited
Rental Rs. 350 Rs. 599 Rs. 999
Free Bundled Usage 500 MB 1 GB Unlimited
Additional Data Usage (Per MB) Rs. 5/- Rs. 3/- NA
Free SMS per Month Nil 100 100

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