Samsung Makes Advancements to its QLED, UHD and Concert Series TVs in India

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Samsung is here with its latest line-up of TVs for India. In the year 2018, the company debuted its 43-inch less pricier version of the Frame TV. Following that, now the brand is set to make advancements to its flagship QLED, mid-range UHD, and 'Make for India' Concert series of TVs. To further the line-up of these devices, Samsung has not only introduced one or two TVs. Instead, the company has increased its UHD line-up from 10 models to 16 models and its QLED line-up from 6 to 8 models. The UHD line-up starts at the price tag of Rs 64,900 while the second one starts at Rs 2,45,000. Both the series of televisions are accompanied by Samsung's One Remote and S-Voice.


Following the trends happening in the tech world, Samsung is updating its hardware and software alike to match the recent times. To ensure this Samsung's 2018 QLED line-up comes with a new 'Ambient Mode' that will replicate the pattern which is on the wall behind the TV and will use the data to project similar patterns on the screen to blend in the room. The feature will work, even when the TV is switched off. The television will click a photo of the wall behind it via Samsung's SmartThings application. This photo will be used to create a similar pattern on the screen. The Smart Things app will also enable users to pair their devices with other IoT gadgets, also they will be able to project their smartphone screens onto the TV.

Some additional features which will be seen on the new TV line-up by Samsung will be the weather display, there are also going to be selected artworks from the company. These Samsung TVs will also allow users to put their custom image of choice as background. A new debut which will get to see on the new Samsung TV line up will be the 'Invisible Connection' cable. This cable will come with the QLED range and will be near invisible and very slim. The cable can be used for transmitting both data and power.


Samsung's Dynamic Crystal Color technology will support the UHD line-up of TVs this year. This is the technology which will be responsible for delivering crystal clear tones across an expanded colour spectrum. Besides this, the Samsung TVs will come equipped with Bluetooth and S-Voice built-in. The 2018 UHD line-up will also support HDR, and like we mentioned, users will be able to connect their IoT gadgets with the TV using the SmartThings application.

The Korean giant has also made a revamp to its Concert series of televisions and now they come with four built-in speakers rated at 10W each. As per company’s claims, Indian consumers look for loud sounds in a TV along with cinematic sound capability, the 2018 Concert series will seek to cater to these strata of buyers.

The concert series of TV will also come in two types- the Smart Concert and Joy Concert. The Smart Concert, like the name signifies, will come with Bluetooth connectivity and will allow streaming of Netflix, YouTube, JioCinema, and Big Flix. These two series will be available in the screen sizes of 32-inch, 43-inch and 49-inch sizes. The pricing of these TVs will start at Rs. 27,500.


Given that the FIFA World Cup 2018 is approaching, Samsung has announced a list of new offers under the name of 'Feel the Game'. Under this offer, the company will be giving away a free Galaxy S9 with the 2018 QLED TVs. Not only this, but users will also be eligible to get a free soundbar or speaker with select UHD TVs. The offer will terminate on July 15 and will be valid throughout the country.

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