In Depth Review of G-Broadband in Bengaluru

There are many ISPs that are mushrooming on a regular basis in metros. A majority of these ISPs are MSOs (Multiple System Operators) who also operate Cable TV connections in the area. G-Broadband is one such operator in Bengaluru that still offers completely unlimited plans and currently is running an offer wherein you won’t be needing to pay anything for the installation.

G-Broadband is run by Gatik Solutions and their services are currently available in Cochin and Bengaluru. We thought that we should give this ISP a try, hence got the connection in Bengaluru. We opted for the Velocity Plan which entitled us for an unlimited data usage at speeds of 1Mbps for a month at Rs 900, not bad considering there is no FUP to bother about.

The Areas Covered

The G Broadband covers a major chunk of areas in Bengaluru and in some areas it has also tied up with Hathway. The good part is that they have installed power backup at the nodes so that the Internet connectivity doesn’t fizzle out in case of a power shutdown which is not a rarity in Bengaluru.

Speed and Consistency

Gbroadband test

The Speed test result was great considering that we managed to squeeze 0.97 MBPS of speed in a 1Mbps connection and the uploads were not bad at 0.48 Mbps. The download speeds are up-to 120kbps which is decent for normal usage.

The Internet connectivity will take a hit every month and the servers will be down for 3-5 hours. We would definitely appreciate the Customer executives who don’t give false assurances and instead quote the proper downtime’s. The service engineers are extremely swift and in a case of a connectivity problem will land up at your door in a matter of minutes. We would love to know your feedback on the services from G Broadband.

Gbroadband Plans

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preeti gusain
June 16, 2017 10:34 am 10:34 AM

Bad service

preeti gusain
June 16, 2017 10:33 am 10:33 AM

Really bad service and pathetic customer service.

October 23, 2016 8:00 pm 8:00 PM
Hello Friends If you want to pay money in advance, and then lose your piece of mind by calling them daily, go ahead with this service provider My cable connection from K Broadband (old name G Broadband) is not working for almost 1 month now. Myself & My wife have frantically been calling them daily, but they just dont know to either call you back, or pick up the phone, or get the issue resolved. The owner Mohan is very very very rude. Every month we end up calling these guys multiple times, and are now toooooooooo fed up to… Read more »
preeti gusain
June 16, 2017 10:35 am 10:35 AM

Very true Sameer….of you take a monthly plan then be sure you would be able to avail it for a week in total. Most of the times it wont work and the customer service guys are all useless same with the technician.