RevB Boost brings trouble for voice customers of MTS

MTS-India-New-DataPacksNetwork congestion and calls drops are becoming common problems among MTS voice customers in Kolkata. The issues can be seen in other circles too.

In an attempt to boost its RevB downlink speed, MTS has deployed three carrier channels for RevB. Each 1.25 MHz spectrum band can add up to 4.9Mbit/s downlink speed. In most circles they have 3.75 MHz spectrum and deployed all three for RevB. It leads to severe call connecting issue for voice customers.

On my personal experience many times in a day I get missed call alerts from MTS, though I was in outdoor. Later people tell me that they called me, ringing was there but actually I did not get any single calls during that time. Not only that often important messages eg. from banks, shopping sites are not delivered to my number.

As I heard that even Airtel users faced similar events while the company were upgrading their 3G network over 900Mhz (Platinum 3G).

For operators data is the future but voice is the present, earning their bread & butter. What do you think – is it a proper ? Drop comments!

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April 12, 2015 8:52 pm 8:52 PM

Mts is really messed up.

Actually they are right instead of die, they want all cdma customers shud die.

It would be great if MTS shifts it’s all cdma customer to gsm network.

And use cdma spectrum for data.

Also note that mts voice customer in overall or circle wise not more than 3-5%.

And won’t provide good ARPU So they can use other network as MVNO.

April 12, 2015 11:12 am 11:12 AM
Exactly same problem in NCR/Delhi from 2 months. Voice network has deteriorated to a extent that it is unusable. Call drops, no voice, calls not getting through and missed call alerts with full signal is routine now. Was wondering from 2 months what has happened, now I know. Why MTS is digging its own grave. Voice is as important as data. It should have declared that it is turning into pure data network and shut voice all together. This bringing down of network quality would only backfire them. Am sure there revenues would so down in ongoing quarters. All MTS… Read more »
April 12, 2015 12:27 am 12:27 AM

TT should have also written an article when Airtel was down in Kolkata during their ‘platinum 3G’ upgradation.Sometimes the network used to disappear from my phone and voice was severely muffled.It was a painful and a fearful job to attend an important call during daytime using its network.Even now its quality is the same.Atleast MTS is better.I am not facing any issue atleast.