PureLiFi, Fraunhofer HHI Welcome IEEE 802.11bb, New Global Standard for LiFi

LiFi, a wireless technology that uses light waves for data transmission, offers faster speeds, enhanced security, and reliable communication. Technology firms pureLiFi and Fraunhofer HHI welcome this development and anticipate accelerated adoption and interoperability between LiFi and WiFi.


  • IEEE 802.11bb standard provides a globally recognized framework for LiFi technology deployment.
  • LiFi uses light waves instead of radio frequencies for wireless data transmission.
  • Light Antenna ONE by pureLiFi integrates seamlessly with existing WiFi chipsets.

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PureLiFi, Fraunhofer HHI Welcome IEEE 802.11bb, New Global Standard for LiFi

LiFi (Light Fidelity) technology companies pureLiFi and Fraunhofer HHI welcome the release of the IEEE 802.11bb global light communications standard, a significant development for the wireless communications industry. According to the joint release, the bb standard marks a major advancement for LiFi, a wireless technology that utilizes light waves instead of traditional radio frequencies to transmit data.

Collaboration between pureLiFi and Fraunhofer HHI

According to the two technology companies, the newly released IEEE 802.11bb standard, alongside the well-established IEEE 802.11 WiFi standards, provides a globally recognized framework for the deployment of LiFi technology. This is significant news for the LiFi technology firms, as it paves the way for accelerated adoption and interoperability between LiFi vendors and WiFi technologies.

LiFi technology

LiFi technology operates by utilizing the light spectrum to transmit data, unlocking faster and more reliable wireless communication compared to conventional WiFi and 5G technologies.

According to the statement, the Light Communications 802.11bb Task Group, chaired by pureLiFi and supported by Fraunhofer HHI, has played a role in driving the development and standardization of LiFi.

LiFi Standard and WiFi Integration

The IEEE 802.11bb standard defines the physical layer specifications and system architectures necessary for wireless communication using light waves. This standardization lays a solid foundation for the widespread adoption of LiFi technology and facilitates seamless interoperability with existing WiFi systems. The ratification of the standard was successfully concluded in June 2023, marking a significant milestone for LiFi, according to the official release.

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From high-speed and secure internet access in homes and offices to expanding next-generation experiences in fields such as XR and spatial computing, LiFi is poised to make a significant impact.


pureLiFi acknowledges that the IEEE 802.11bb standard has attracted interest from major industry players, including semiconductor companies and leading mobile phone manufacturers. This collaboration has resulted in a robust standard that addresses the industry's needs and facilitates the widespread adoption of LiFi at scale.

Fraunhofer HHI

Fraunhofer HHI emphasizes the importance of a global LiFi standard in enabling interoperability between multiple vendors. LiFi solutions seamlessly integrated into the WiFi ecosystem, replacing cables with short-range optical wireless links. This integration opens doors to connecting numerous sensors and actuators to the internet, creating a future mass market for LiFi technology.

Fraunhofer HHI said it eagerly looks forward to working with LiFi vendors from the lighting and communication industries to turn this vision into reality.

Light Antenna ONE

The recently released Light Antenna ONE, developed by pureLiFi, represents progress in LiFi technology, as reported by TelecomTalk. Analogous to the antenna chain in a traditional WiFi system, Light Antenna ONE enables 802.11bb compliance and can be seamlessly integrated with existing WiFi chipsets, which are already deployed in billions of devices worldwide.

LiFi in areas with limited RF connectivity

Fraunhofer HHI underscores the significance of LiFi in areas with limited RF connectivity, such as fixed wireless access, classrooms, medical facilities, and industrial scenarios. LiFi can serve as a complement or alternative to WiFi and 5G technologies, providing high-speed mobile connectivity with enhanced security through line-of-sight propagation.

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With the IEEE 802.11bb standard, LiFi now has a solution that meets mass-market requirements in terms of cost, energy efficiency, and scalability. According to the statement, this standard enables the full reuse of WiFi protocols over the light medium, enhancing traffic offloading, security, and navigation capabilities.

As per the official statement, LiFi offers distinct advantages such as improved reliability, reduced latency, and protection from interference and unauthorized access. These benefits are complemented by the established success of WiFi technology.

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