PUBG Mobile to Release ‘Mysterious Jungle’ Mode on June 1, What to Expect

PUBG Mobile is going to get another new addition which is the much anticipated ‘Mysterious Jungle’ mode on June 1

By May 28th, 2020 AT 11:47 AM

On its last major update, PUBG Mobile released big changes for the Miramar map and changed the name of the map to ‘Mad Miramar’. There is yet another update which was expected to be rolled out and it was the ‘Mysterious Jungle’ mode. Now it is finally going to reach the players on June 1 and it was confirmed by the PUBG team on Twitter. Details of the new mode haven’t been released by the company as of yet. But only a small teaser picture which is revealing the date of the new addition.

The New Mode Likely to be Associated with Sanhok

Sanhok is one of the most popular maps of PUBG Mobile as it brings in the thrill and fast game experience which other big maps don’t. The teaser revealed by PUBG Mobile in the Twitter shows two players in a Sanhok type setting. So there is a good chance that the new ‘Mysterious Jungle’ mode is going to be associated with Sanhok. This new mode might be a ‘treasure hunt’ kind of like experience for the players. On June 1 it will be clear what the new mode is going to bring.

Other Updates

There are more updates which are going to be coming in the future. But let’s take a look at some of the coolest features of the latest update rolled out by PUBG Mobile earlier this month. Miramar map has evolved to ‘Mad Miramar’ with the addition of sand-storm, Golden Mirado, vending machines, and race tracks. One of the interesting features of the new addition is vending machines. If you don’t know already, don’t make the mistake of using a weapon on the machine for breaking it, it will sound an alarm which can be heard by other squads.

Another cool feature is the addition of ‘Blue Hole’ mode which is an interesting concept already released for the PC version of the game. Now you can relax in the ‘Cheer Park’ before entering a game with your friends and also practice some shooting.

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