Popular Mobile Chat Client Nimbuzz is Vulnerable to Easy Hacks

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Popular Mobile Chat Client Nimbuzz is Vulnerable to Easy HacksThere are lots of mobile chat applications available and people use these chat clients very extensively linking all their IM accounts.

Though the Apps are installed on our very own phones, have we ever given a second thought on how secure it is to share the login credentials with third party applications?

Yes, we are talking about those chat applications which can be easily targeted to attacks.Few days back we had Given a Positive review on Nimuzz Chat Application Comparing with Fring and eBuddy Mobile Clients.We had mentioned about the feature of "Chat Rooms" present in Nimbuzz, which is a very hot favorite for Nimbuzz addicts.

Everything is not okay and our sources say Nimbuzz is highly vulnerable to attacks and even a person with some basic knowledge of using Scripts ( Copy and Paste ) to XML Console can play around with the app as he likes.These hacks Ranges from very simple to Complex attacks on users who join the Chat Rooms.

There are tons and tons of websites in www,which have posted working scripts which could create your own chat rooms with Fake members, To get Unbanned by Admin, To Remove the Admin, Scripts which Flood Messages to Target Users and Rooms even Account Compromising Scripts what not? The Scripts are openly available to all with just a Google Search button away.

As the Steve Jobs of Apple say "No Phone is Perfect" .. even Nimbuzz can say "No Application is Perfect" though the Perfection is not Mmet,Nimbuzz support has to atleast bother about this issue which is ruining their entire system.

Nimbuzz Users are not happy about the fact that Nimbuzz Team is not concerned with its Users' Privacy and Security .There are number of Open Discussions on Nimbuzz forums itself. Users pleading for solution also people Sharing their Simple Working Hack Tricks.

We Suggest our readers not to use Nimbuzz Chat Rooms until the Bugs are completely fixed. We hope atleast now, Nimbuzz Team takes this issue as serious and takes action.

Mohammed Zareef a regular telecomtalk reader has shared some videos with us showing working examples of Nimbuzz chat room bugs .

Credits :Mohammed Zareef

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