Photosharing App Kabutar Thinks Differently About Your Photos

Photosharing App Kabutar Thinks Differently About Your PhotosMeet Kabutar a kickass photosharing app that’s launching soon, photosharing apps in the market today like Instagram or Path are solely focused on sharing memories with friends. Kabutar differs in its approach by tying a broad set of uses around photographs.

The Daily feature helps users take a photo of themselves everyday and set that as their status message on a variety of social networks. It also creates an awesome time-lapse video of how they’ve changed over a period of time.

The Photos feature helps users make their photos beautiful through a series of filters that they can apply and then share with friends.

The Q&A feature allows users to ask friends and followers anything from ‘How does this dress look’ to ‘where can I buy a lamp that looks like this’.

The 4Sale feature is a simple classifieds section that allows users to quickly and easily take a photo of an item they want to sell and post it online.

Kabutar makes it crazy easy to share all your photo content on facebook & twitter too. Signup for the beta today at: and yes do submit your filter if you are lucky enough you can win iPhone 4.

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September 24, 2011 8:29 am 8:29 AM

Hi Bhavin,

We are India based. Currently we take 5-7 seconds to upload across selected platforms. We know the importance of speed and have developed the algorithm accordingly…

Do write to me shubhendu at if you need more information..


September 19, 2011 11:42 am 11:42 AM

instagram is currently most used ios app.
if this app is indian based, then the only problem it can face is uploading speed.
uploading to instagram takes max 10seconds. in the same time it updates fb,tt,4sq.

if uploading in kabutar is slow. ppl will not use it. simple

Vikas Patidar
September 16, 2011 6:58 pm 6:58 PM

Wow good app. Kabutar for iOS users. Also an Instagram like app for all java supported touch phones is coming very soon.