Open Fiber Austria Commits to Nationwide Fiber Optic Expansion

Open Fiber Austria, the association representing open fiber optic networks, is eagerly embracing the 2nd Broadband Billion funding opportunity in Austria. The association emphasizes that fiber optic infrastructure is an obligation to ensure no one is excluded from the digital future.


  • Open Fiber Austria (OFAA) is actively participating in the 2nd Broadband Billion funding call for expanding fiber optic networks.
  • Funding from 2nd Broadband Billion could help ensure universal access to fiber optic.
  • The association emphasizes the importance of comprehensive fiber optic expansion, benefiting both urban and rural areas.

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Open Fiber Austria Calls for Nationwide Fiber Optic Expansion
Open Fiber Austria (OFAA), the association of open fiber optic networks, has welcomed the new funding call of the 2nd Broadband Billion in the fall. The association believes that this funding is an opportunity to ensure that fibre optic expansion in Austria is promoted not only in urban areas, but also in rural regions.

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OFAA Welcomes Funding Initiative

"The funding helps to ensure that fiber optic expansion in Austria is promoted not only in urban areas, but also in rural regions. This is essential for our competitiveness and future viability," said the President of Open Fiber Austria.

The association commends Austria's previous investment of 750 million euros through the 'Broadband Austria 2030 Initiative,' recognizing the crucial role of fiber optic infrastructure. According to OFAA, ensuring that no one in Austria is left behind in the digital future is a fundamental obligation.

"It has been recognized that the expansion of fiber optic infrastructure is not just a goal, but also is an obligation to ensure that no one in Austria is excluded from the digital future," said OFAA. "Therefore, providing all parts of the country with fiber optic networks is fundamental to ensure economic development, education, healthcare and the quality of life of citizens."

According to the OFAA statement, the second funding call for the 2nd broadband billion, starting in the fall, is expected to play an important role in the expansion of the infrastructure.

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OFAA calls for Nationwide fibre Expansion

From an economic perspective, OFAA stresses the necessity of absolute area coverage. OFAA said, failure to plan for comprehensive expansion from the outset could lead to delayed and significantly more expensive development. This applies from small rural communities to large cities - everywhere in Austria.

Founded in 2021, Open Fiber Austria is dedicated to enabling an open, comprehensive, and democratic fiber optic network throughout Austria. Open Fiber Austria is calling for fiber optic expansion that is comprehensive and reaches all parts of the country.

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