OnePlus Tag, Would You Buy a Tracking Device From OnePlus?

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OnePlus Tag

OnePlus has become enormous in the last few years by launching some pretty exciting gadgets and garnering a huge fan base around the world. The company has expanded from just smartphones to multiple products such as earphones, power banks, Smart Watches, and more. Now the company might bring another smart product to the market, namely the OnePlus Tag.

OnePlus Tag is expected to take on the Apple AirTag and Samsung Galaxy SmartTag. Both Apple and Samsung have launched their smart tracking devices at strangely reasonable rates. But if OnePlus were to come out with such a gadget, we are pretty sure it would eat up a huge chunk of Apple’s and Samsung’s market share for the concerned product, at least in India.

OnePlus Tag Spotted

OnePlus Tag was spotted by Neowin and DroidMaze. As per the listing, the company had filed for a trademark for the OnePlus Tag moniker on May 18, 2021. The company hasn’t specified what a OnePlus Tag is, and there’s no launch date available as well. However, going by the name, it is easily understandable that it would also be a smart tracking gadget much like the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and the Apple AirTag.

OnePlus hasn’t even hinted once until now that it is working on such a product. However, it wouldn’t be strange or surprising to see OnePlus coming out with such a product. The company has been investing in diversifying its range of products for a few years now.

The filing for a trademark from OnePlus could just be for reserving the name for future purposes. When or where the company will launch this product is a mystery for now. However, the question remains, if OnePlus does come out with a product like that, would you buy it?

There is an apparent need for a product such as that. If people can get a budget option for such a product that works as well as the premium products from Apple and Samsung, there would be no reason as to why one wouldn’t want to buy the OnePlus Tag. However, for the product to be successful, people would want accurate results from the OnePlus Tag.

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