Next Android 8.0 Version To Be Called Orellete and Not Oreo?

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What comes as a complete plot twist, it looks like the next Android 8.0 version is not to be named the Oreo but instead will go with the name ‘Orellete’. The next version of Android was scheduled for the big reveal in New York in line with the impending solar eclipse, on August 21.


If you have been following the news, you must be aware that all the rumours leading up to this point have hinted that the O in the Android O stands for ‘Oreo’. This was later confirmed when a Google teaser with the filename GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids (1).mp4 was briefly spotted on the company’s Google Plus page, leading us to believe that the OS is indeed named Android Oreo.


Now, Cliff Wade, a customer support manager for Nova Launcher, claims that the name of Google’s next iterative mobile platform will be called the Android 8.0 Orellete. The leak seems suspicious as he claims that it comes from an unnamed source but is certain that the Android O’s market name is Orellete and not Oreo.

Orellete is a sweet Catalan pastry dish usually served on special occasions. You might find this pattern familiar with what happened during the last year’s Android N launch. For all we know, the Android 8.0 Orellete is quite possible since the previous Android N version was expected to be named ‘Nutella’ and instead Google presented us with Android ‘Nougat’ in the end.

Interestingly, earlier in the day, there was a leak from the reputed leakster Evan Blass, who shared an image of what (may or may not) appears to be the future mascot of the Android’s next version along with its official name. Google usually reveals its mascot the same day that it launches the latest Android version.

The image shared by Evan Blass on his twitter handle looks like a caped-superhero but with the latest leak claiming that the Android O will be called Orellete rather than Oreo, we suggest you take these rumours with a pinch of salt. With less than 24 hours until the official launch, these leaks have put us at the edge of our seats and it remains to be seen what the Android O 8.0 is actually named.

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