MTS To Launch 14.7 Mbps Super Speed Mobile Broadband in India

MTS the CDMA Mobile and EVDO Data Services of Sistema Shyam TeleServices Ltd (SSTL), which nationally operates its telecom services with over 11 million wireless customers finally geared up to launch High Speed Wireless Broadband with speed up to 14.7 Mbps in India.

To Upgrade its present EVDO network, MTS India today gave the commercial contract to ZTE Corporation, the global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. ZTE will setup world’s first CDMA EV-DO Rev.B for MTS India.

ZTE has also won the MTS India’s CDMA expansion contracts and EV-DO upgrade contracts for 10 telecom circles. The EV-DO Rev.B Phase2 commercial launch will commence in Rajasthan circle with speed up to 14.7 Mbps.

The commercial use of EV-DO Rev.B technology will greatly enhance the existing service speeds of mobile broadband for SSTL. Compared to EV-DO Rev.B Phase1, the Phase2 technology can further enhance the BTS cell capacity, spectrum efficiency and peak rate, achieving high speed rate as high as 4.9 Mbps in single frequency carrier and 14.7 Mbps in three frequency carriers bundle.

At the same time, ZTE’s solution based on SDR Uni-RAN technology can realize the system upgrade by just changing the channel card and software, which would protect the investment of SSTL to the fullest.

Vsevolod Rozanov, President & Chief Executive Officer, SSTL said “We are excited to partner with ZTE Corporation for further up gradation of our telecom network including the CDMA EV-DO Rev.B Phase 2 roll-out. This would enable us to cater to the fast growing demand for high speed mobile broadband in the country. SSTL currently provides high speed mobile broadband services in over 150 towns across India”.

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June 8, 2011 10:02 am 10:02 AM

@Arjun Chandrashekar
Please stop making such type of comments if u don’t know any thing about power transmission in cdma.

May 19, 2011 3:34 pm 3:34 PM

carry on!

May 19, 2011 12:45 pm 12:45 PM

MTS voioce sound is not as good as Reliance CDMA…. using both for a long time, even several times MTS users getting cracked voice or repeating voice when network is strong enough in both sides, and both people using good brands phone LG, Samsung…. they should make their voice quality better….. data upgradation is good, but this is also necessary