MTS Intros MBlaze Ultra World’s First EVDO Rev B Phase 2 Network

MTS Intros MBlaze Ultra – World’s First EVDO Rev B Phase 2 NetworkMTS India CDMA Mobile and EVDO data service operator today created history by launching world’s first CDMA EV-DO Rev.B Phase II network in India which offers 9.8. Mbps data speed.

This announcement marks the beginning of a phased roll out, wherein the company would be launching the advanced Rev.B Phase II network in their home circle, Rajasthan.

Jaipur is going to be first city to be covered with EVDO Rev B Phase II network, followed by top metros and other key cities across India.

MTS India will now takes a giant leap in providing a significantly enhanced customer experience while accessing streaming multimedia.To experience the full power of CDMA EV-DO Rev.B Phase II, MTS India has introduced MBlaze Ultra – a special Hi-Tech dongle providing data download speeds of 9.8 megabytes per second.

The commercial use of EV-DO Rev.B technology will greatly enhance the mobile broadband experience of MBlaze Ultra users. Compared to EV-DO Rev.B Phase I, the Phase II technology can further enhance the BTS cell capacity, spectrum efficiency and peak rate, achieving high speed rate as high as 4.9 Mbps in single frequency carrier and 9.8 Mbps in two frequency carrier bundle.

Commercially it is present in several countries across the world including Japan, Norway, Indonesia, Sweden, South Korea and Ukraine among others. However, MTS India is credited to be the first telecom company in the world to commercially launch the CDMA EV-DO Rev.B Phase II network which can support upto 4.9 Mbps on single carrier of 1.25Mhz.

To get an MBlaze connection, customers can choose from the following two options

A.The Free Device Option

-Customers just need to pay Rs. 4599 to get an MBlaze Ultra dongle for free. Additionally, they will get 1 GB data usage per month for six months.

B.Extra Usage Option

-Customers can purchase the MBlaze Ultra device for just Rs. 2499.

-Monthly rental plans have been made available starting at Rs. 629.

-As an introductory offer, all customers purchasing MBlaze Ultra in the first month of launch will get 50 percent extra usage for lifetime.


Using MBlaze Ultra dongles, customers can enjoy video streaming, High quality audio/video download and live play back.

Customers can also watch LIVE TV and on demand Video Channels. The customers will get access to over 100 Live TV and Video on Demand to a range of News, Entertainment, Sports and Regional channels.

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[…] is also credited to be the first telecom operator in the world to launch the Rev.B phase II network in Jaipur in September 2011. To experience the […]

November 9, 2011 11:12 pm 11:12 PM

its i want to tell for crater’s comment it tells 4.9 Mbps on single carrier of 1.25Mhz. but we will get 9.8 mbps on double carrier and i also don’t think that it is expensive what’s bad on paying if you get excellent speed

September 2, 2011 10:24 am 10:24 AM
The chief downside of having CDMA usb broadband modems is that there is no resale value for it, neither can Rev.A modems be upgraded to support Rev.B. The consumer will be forced to invest in new modems and if he ends up being unsatisfied by the coverage and service, he is bound to the operator with no way out. The least that the company can do is to give upgradation discount to existing Rev.A users who would like to shift to Rev.B on exchange of their old modem even a concession of Rs.500 would make a difference. Even DTH operators… Read more »