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Taking the discussion to next level on the ‘Smartphones’ their App’s. Here is an interesting application building up that will definitely be liked by all car and technology lovers, did any one of you ever thought of opening you car from your mobile phone the James bond way well if that way your longing then you will definitely like the concept as Apple and General Motors are phase of developing an iphone app that could replace the car keys.

General Motors is working on an app for the iPhone and rival Google phone for some of its cars sold in the US and few other developed countries.The phone application will allow drivers to activate all of the traditional key centric features, including unlocking the doors and opening the boot.

There will also be a remote start function that could prove handy for warming up the car on those colder mornings (or cooling it down during summer), and if you forget where you parked you can set off your car’s horn and lights at the touch of a button so it can alert you to its location and not only this the app will also display a vehicle “health report”, which will include information such as fuel range, oil life, tyre pressures as well as a lifetime breakdown of average fuel economy for the car.

The app will only be available in the US, Canada and China, with buyers of Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC expected to be able to control their car from their phone within a few months. The app is run as part of an in-vehicle safety and security system called OnStar.
if the app’s kept on progressing this same way the days are near when we will see technological advancements which were just a dream or a movie sequel decades back.

It seems like the App developers are not in mood to stop and are coming up with more innovation day by day.

If I ask you how much amount can u spent to get an HUD system that come is fighter jets like F22 Raptor or so and what if you get it in your phone with just few bucks and it makes your car a hybrid mozare, it can be possible if you have iPhone 3GS or an iPhone 4 with latest augmented reality (AR) app for the iPhone, called Augmented Driving which turns your phone into HUD(heads up display) for your car.

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