MoMagic Launches Android application “Control ME”, Now Control Your Phone Remotely with Just an SMS

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MoMagic Technologies, a Noida based company with focus on mobile platform operation and mobile Internet service for India and other emerging markets has launched “Control ME”, an Android application which allows users to control their mobile phones remotely through any other phone by just sending an SMS.

This application does not require GPRS/ Wi-Fi to run it. There are number of features in the application which provide a wholesome solution to the users like Profile Changer,Call Divert,Call rejects with auto SMS, Data Delete, Phone Lock and some others.

Features of  "Control ME" Android App in Details-

Profile Changer - Changes the profile if you are unable to find your phone. If your phone is on silent and you are unable to find it, just send an SMS to change the profile and make it ring.

Call Divert - Sometimes you do not have your phone but you also don’t want to miss out on any calls. Send an SMS to make your phone divert calls from your phone to any other phone.

Call rejects with auto SMS - Allows you to reject calls and send a SMS to the caller as well. This informs the caller that you are not having your phone and hence unable to pick up the call.

Contact Fetch- Allows fetching any number of contacts from your phonebook. Just send the contact name and get his number on SMS.

Data Delete -This feature is an answer to our fear when we lose our phone and worry if all the pictures, videos and SMS can be misused by anyone. To prevent this you can delete sms, contact details and data from phone or memory card.

Phone Lock-Allows locking the phone to prevent misuse and

Mobile Tracker- Provides an easy way to track the lost phone location by sending an SMS to 3 predefined numbers.

The application is very easy to use without any hassles. The application guides user how to use all the features. One can use any other phone irrespective of whether it has the application or not and is also not OS specific. Any phone literally means any phone. That’s one of the major advantages of the product.

So go on to the Google Play store and download the application from here ->  'Control ME'

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