Maharashtra Govt Taking Steps to Resolve Telecom Infrastructure Issues

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In 2021, telecom and networking have become more important than ever, with major cities and villages depending on the internet for all tasks owing to the global pandemic. From offices to schools, everything has been forced to move online rather than be physical, as close proximity to others is a risk in today's day and age.

Due to this increased dependence on telecom companies and their network, the number of underlying issues or bugs are also increasing and affecting users day by day. Certain users have important work that cannot be stalled and, such an issue can harm their organisation or, in the case of a student, impede their study.

To tackle this, Maharashtra Minister of State for Information Technology, Mr Satej Patil announced late on Friday that the state would be forming district-level committees in order to look into issues that are part of the telecommunication infrastructure. The committee will be headed by the district collector and will keep track of and look into the problems faced by the companies when it comes to erecting towers and infrastructure facilities.

What Will The Committee Do?

The committees will comprise the deputy conservator of forest, executive engineer of public works department, superintendent of Police, commissioner/chief officer/chief executive officer, executive engineer of MahaVitaran and the divisional head of the telecom company in question.

Patil mentioned that the committee will handle issues that are related to the permission required for the new or existing towers, pending approval for the allowance to lay optical fibre cable rows, issues related to the taxes and reimbursement of the grievances with regard to the telecommunication infrastructure. The committees are expected to hold a meeting every quarter (3 months).

As per the minister, the recommendations by the district level telecommunication committee will be adhered to by the respective municipal corporations, gram panchayats, local authorities as well as government offices.

Furthermore, Patil mentioned that the Internet and telephone network plays an important role when it comes to the development and growth engine of the country. He stated that there are key projects which are under implementation at various levels in the state as well. Mahanet is one of such key projects under implementation by the Information and Technology Department.

The project will aim to connect more than 12,500-gram panchayats with broadband, with the mobile towers playing an important role in the telecommunication network.

He also said that the district-level telecommunication committees will help weed out the issues and problems that are faced during the erection of the telecommunication towers and infrastructure at a local level. In turn, it will also help in providing a robust state-level network of telecommunication in the near future.

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